After defeating the guardians of the black mirror Tirla and Helstorm explored the black room and Tirla poked at the broken mirror. Before they could rest the pixie Gzx’rtx, that Smudge had captured a few days before flew into the room bearing a small torch. After inspecting the scene and informing the group that things were better he left to return a few minutes later with another pixie with a wooden stick which she waved above Smudge three times healing him and bringing him back to consciousness. The three adventures then followed Gzx’rtx to the surface where they were greeted by a group of about twenty joyous pixies. They thanked the group repeatedly for helping them. The leader of the pixies, Gzx’irt presenting the party with a small box containing three vials which appeared to be similar to the healing vial previously identified by Kuzma. Gzx’irt also asked the pixies if they knew of the location of the wolf riding goblins. One female pixie with a button noise and a blue streak in her shoulder length hair told the party that she overhead goblins talking about their “forest of stone” while she was in the forest watching them.

After sharing a feast with the pixies, the group enjoyed a great night of sleeping and then left the lake of lost dreams and return to the western shore where the Goriidel and the rest of the elves awaited their return. The pixies had already returned the statue they had stolen from the elves. Goriidel answered the groups many questions and gave them a large black pearl as a reward for recovering the silvered-bronze maiden statue. After asking Goriidel enough questions to annoy him the elves took their leave and the party set off to the north following Goriidel’s directions to the mine in the Zargash Mountains.

After traveling the rest of the day north along the shore of the lake of lost dreams the party made camp and rested on the bank of a small river the feeds the lake from the north. The following the party continued to follow the trail, now along the river bank to the north. At about noon, the river which had been steadily decreased in size and flow, was now only a small stream when Tirla heard the sound of rustling leather on the wind. Turning back she spotted four halfling sized bats flying towards them. Smudge struck one with an arrow and Tirla with a sling stone before the bats reached them. As the swooped in to attack Tirla was bitten on the right arm which immediately started bleeding profusely. After Helstorm drove the end of his halberd into one bats neck and drove it to the ground he finished off a second bat with a blow from the blade of his halberd which cut through its right wing and cut deep into its side. Smudge quickly dealt a debilitating blow to one cutting one across its chest and slicing the other through wing and back. As the debilitated bat managed to turn and fly back towards the south Helstorm quickly wrapped Tirlas arm as Smudge picked up his bow and loosed an arrow at the retreating bat.

As the arrow passed over the bat Smudge’s attention was drawn to four goblinoid creatures about his height rushing out from beyond some rocks armed with long swords and shields. They were dressed in metal armor and looked feral, covered in patches of hair, with a flat nose and chin and un-kept red hair from their head. As Smudge called attention to the new foes Helstorm spoke in Goblin telling them that they would not be easy prey. To this a another large goblinoid mounted on a great red and black dog with red eyes perched on a mound beyond the rushing goblinoids responded in deep voice in well spoken goblin, “To that we shall see”. Smudge loosed a arrow at the mounted goblinoid and Tirla launched a sling stone at one of the rushing goblins. The arrow flew high and the stone left a dent in the rushing goblins shield. In response the Goblin leader raised his crystalline great sword and cried out “Gritsnar” as a ray of fire streaked from the sky striking and burning Smudge cross his chest and leg. The first rushing goblin reached Tirla and struck her it’s blade. The second missed Helstorm and ended up on it’s back and Helstorm slipped his Halberd behind it and drove it to the ground with his shoulder. Smudge now enlarged to a height of over ten feet tall from Helstorms god drove a mighty blow through skull of the first of two of the goblin rushing him. The second blow took the second goblin at the knees leaving it crawling away on two bloody stumps. Wounded Tirla dove between the goblins legs only to meet is metal shield, as she fell back to the ground the wicked goblinoid drive his sword through her abdomen and she passed into darkness. Helstorm kept his goblin on the ground and avoided its weak prone attacks. Suddenly the mounted goblin spurred the dog forward and raised his great sword. Smudge rushed to meet him driving his sword down into the Goblins shoulder and towards his mount. The Goblin reacted with incredible speed steering its mount out of the blades arch and cutting a cruel line across Smudges side opening his armor and flesh just below his ribs. As the huge dog bore the goblin past, Smudge turned and rushed towards the two remaining goblins on foot, who now were both threatening Helstorm. As Smudge’s great sword ended the life of one goblin Smudge pivoted past it switching his grip and driving his sword through the prone goblin pinning it to the ground for the last moment of its life.

The remaining mounted Goblinoid glared at Smudge briefly before turning his mount to the north and disappearing from view and Smudge taunted him. Helstorm raced to heal Smudge and Tirla with the rest of his powers. Tirla gasped back to consciousness and the group quickly gathered their horses and rode north.

After traveling for an hour and a half they made camp and rested the rest of the day. The next morning Helstorm healed Smudge and Tirla before they continued north. By late afternoon the mountain loomed in front of them, as veered east and north along side afternoon passed to evening and stairs became apparent ahead, leading to an opening in the mountain…



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