A wolf of a problem

As the moon drifted over the horizon Tirla was awaken by a loud moan of agony followed by a snarl. Where Helstorm slept minutes ago a huge wolf now glared at her with red eyes. As Smudge and Chalk rose the wolf lunged at Tirla biting her ferociously. Tirla focused her energy and a blast of colors erupted from her palms stunning the wolf creature momentarily. Smudge and Chalk rushed forward and leaped onto the wolf while Tirla tried to wrap his mouth with rope. The wolf suddenly exploded in a rage with super human strength and easily broke free from the grasps of the party. Everyone grimly drew their silver weapons and attacked the wolf. It managed another nasty bite on TIrla’s shoulder and chest as Smudge stabbed it twice in the abdomen with his silver short sword. Chalk managed to slash its leg with his silver battle ax before it turned and bite him ferociously. Tirla stepped back and unleashed a blast of lightening that stuck the wolf squarely in the side knocking it tumbling back across the grassy plane. As Smudge and Chalk rushed to bind the wolf Tirla heard its breathing becoming more and more shallow. Smudge remembering some of the teachings of Helstorm quickly began binding the wounds and stopping the bleeding. Then they constructed a simple litter and loaded the wolf on it. Smudge and Helstorm carried the huge wolf for several hours before Smudge could carry it no longer. Tirla went ahead and arrived at the homestead and Pytor and Taras rode to the group with horses and helped carry the wolf back. At the homestead they explained the situation and Alfana seemed to know an extraordinary amount about the cure of lycanthrope. They waited tell morning when Helstorm changed back to his human form and then they set off for West fort with extra horses in tow. They reached the ocean as darkness approached and they dug hole and buried Helstorm and piled rocks and logs on top. As the moon rose he again changed into a wolf and began struggling, growling and thrashing about wildly but made little progress in freeing himself. After thirty minutes of trashing wilding the group began to loosen around him. Smudge smacked him with the pommel of his sword twice but it seemed to do little. Then he beat the wolf in the head with the flat of his silver sword. The wolf collapsed. Some hours later it awoke again and Helstorm again silenced it with the flat of his silver sword. The next morning the wolf changed form back into Helstorm and they unburied him. He was still unconscious so they tossed him over a horse and road toward West Fort. Arriving in the middle of the day Chalk waited outside the town hiding in a corn field. The rest of the group arrived in town and a guard in chain mail and a grey tunic pointed them towards the priest of Pelor. In a wooden house with a sign hanging above a small patio with a symbol of Pelor on it they found a clean simple room with a large table. A young women dressed in a simple orange tunic and vest greeted them. Listing to their situation she went into the other room and returned with two humans, both dressed the same, the elder one looked to be around thirty-five. Listening to the situation he returned to the other room and preyed for about an hour. Then returned and took a donation of 150gp plus another 125gp for extra spells to help fight the curse. After some brief chanting which Helstorm recognised as guidance and owls wisdom, the priest of Pelor broke the curse and Helstorm was cured. Then the party went towards the center of town finding the smith, a buliarian in his early thirties with a well equip shop. His assistant was a young girl whom he called johnny. After haggling for a while they purchased a bunch of goods:

MW breast plate 375gp
3 tower shields 83gp
fixed armor 20gp
SOLD MW short sword for 120gp
MW warhammer 360gp
50 days of dry rations – 25gp
MW Lucerne hammer – 365gp
SOLD halberd – 5gp

After the Smith they stopped at the general store and inquired about a spyglass. They had none. They also showed a few of the jewelry they had found but did not get a price to their liking (30pp for the moonstone necklace and 15pp for each of the two large green tourmalines. Then they headed to the furniture shop to ask about bows. He did not have a bow for the strength of Smudge and they left.



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