Full moon rising

Searching the lair the party finds a battered chest in one of the caves which contains 487gp a small Lapis and a silver necklace decorated with moonstones. In another cave they find a heavily chewed saddle with a silver horn and stirrups. After searching the caves the party covered the trail in front of and leading up the entrance of the area with old rags. Tirla and Smudge climbed up on the mountain side above the opening and Smudge positioned two large rocks that he could push off. Helstrom and Chalk took up positions at the entrance of the cave and waited.

Near dawn a pack of 8 wolves began climbing up the trail to the cave entrance. At about twenty feet from the entrance the large she-wolf in front stopped and spotted Smudge on the rocks above. Helstorm and Chalk showed themselves in the entrance and the wolf rushed towards them as Smudge fired an silver arrow and Tirla launched a sling stone, both hitting the wolf behind the large she-wolf. The sling stone seemed to bounce off with no effect. As Smudge fired more arrows killing one Wolf Tirla lit an oil flask and tossed it down in front of Helstrom. The she-wolf engaged Helstorm biting him once. Another wolf engaged chalk and brought him to the ground. The wolf that Smudge hit with a silver arrow ducked behind a rock and Tirla heard a strange muttering coming from behind the rock. The wolfs seemed to grow in their ferocity. Smudge pushed the two large rocks off the ledge, one smashing directly onto the she-wolfs back and the other shattering on the rocky trail next to her. Then from being the rock stepped a feral human male without cloths who pointed his hand at Smudge and muttered guttural sounds. Smudge became terrified and began shaking making it difficult to perform tasks. Smudge tossed two oil flasks behind the first one that Tirla through so now a large area of the trail was burning. The wolf fighting Chalk was injured by a slash from Helstorm’s silver short sword and the she-wolf stepped into its place and out of the fire. Helstorm moved to block for Chalk as he crawled back and stood up. Tirla dropped another flask of oil on the position of the she-wolf as Chalk and Helstorm continue to battle the huge beast. Tirla unleashed two blasts of lightening at the naked human before he retreated back behind the rock. As the battle raged at the front of the cave Helstorm and Chalk were both bitten and the she-wolf suffered several more gashes from Chalks silver battle ax. Then the naked human rushed out from behind the rock, looking less injured then before. Rushing along the side of the trail over rocks he moved behind the she-wolf and touched her back and some of her wounds healed. As he did Smudge feeling recovered from the terror sank an silver arrow into his side. Tirla lept from the ledge and slashed him with her silver dagger. Suddenly the man shifted into a wolf and lunged at Tirla missing her. Chalk suffered another bite the she-wolf lunged over his shield and tore his neck and shoulder open dropping him to the ground in a puddle of blood. Tirla grabbed the she-wolfs tail and swung her self onto its back sinking her dagger into its spine. The naked man turned wolf bit Tirla on the hip and tossed her to the ground. As she tried to roll away Smudge leapt from the ledge and brought his sword down missing the beast. Another wolf rushed up and attacked Helstorm, pulling him to the ground. As it leapt for him he gashed its underbelly with the silver battle ax picked up off the ground and it fell to the tunnel floor dead. Tirla rolled to her feet as Smudge struck the wolf beast with a mighty blow of his great sword which produced a small gash. As it turned turned to fight him Tirla rolled past it and sunk her dagger into its rib cage and it collapsed to the ground. The remaining wolves fled.

After resting in the cave that day the party set off to meet Loshad with the two werewolves heads. Reaching the gnarled oak tree my evening they rested and in the morning Loshad approached. Seeing the two heads he described how to find Xitaqa and stormed off after Smudge asked him for a ride. The party left for the homestead but night caught them before reaching it and they setup camp. As Tirla kept the first watch the full moon rose over the forest…

Jewelled Silver necklace necklace with moonstones
decorative silver horn and stirrups



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