Horse problems

While resting a day and a half in the mines the dwarfs built a tomb for their fallen comrade. After a short ceremony in which Helstorm said a couple of works the dwarf was buried. The mood in the mine was solemn enough that there was little complaining about the orc and half-orc in their midst’s. All the treasure found in the orc lair was divided among the dwarfs, gnomes and party with each receiving 4pp, 34gp, and 444sp. The party exchanged their silver and gold with the dwarfs for platinum. As they bid farewell to the miners Tekaryon handed the party a bag filled with gold coins as a token of thanks for all of their help. Well rested and supplied with an extra 20 days of rations from the dwarfs the party sets out with detailed directions to find the forest of stone provided by the Gnomes.

Traveling along the same path they had come on the party reached the lake of lost dreams in two days and continued past it. Along the way they spotted a large black stallion and three other horses grazing on a hill off the trail. It gave a whinny and the horses responded, especially the one carrying the awkward mirror frame. The horses retreated when approached and stayed out of distance of the parties efforts to catch them. That evening while resting at the lake Tirla noticed one of the horses was loose. It seemed like it had been untied and it retreated into the darkness. The next morning two sets of horse tracks lead away from where the horses were tied but no sign of the missing horse could be found. The next day after loading up one of the other horses with the mirror frame the black stallion was again spotted off in the distance behind them. After much discussion it was decided to bend the mirror frame into a more manageable size and shape and pack it on the horse more carefully. The next evening as the party rested Tirla heard the sound of a horse from the north. Waking the group up they spotted their missing horse come walking into to camp. Helstorm asked if anyone was out there and a deep voice responded. A large centaur could be seen at the edge of the fire light. He said his name was Loshad and to take care of the horses.

The next day with the lake behind them they followed a small river into a dense forest to the south. Making slow progress for two days along the river the party finally spotted their landmark, a waterfall split by a tree. Turning to the west they rested a night before setting off deeper into the forest, soon the forest ahead turned into a shade of grey and a eerie quite fell over the trees. Everything ahead was stone as if it had suddenly been changed, trees, leaves and animals, all as if they were alive.

Tirla climbed a tree just outside the stone forest and could see that it stretched for miles and miles to the west. Continuing west into the stone forest the party was suddenly attacked by six giant bats as Helstorm was investigating a stone boar. Tirla was bitten twice before she stabbed one and then ran up a tree and tackled another to the ground on her sword. Smudge sliced once in half, and killed another as Chalk cut another two down. Checking the bats for any unusual markings revealed nothing and the party continued west. They soon found a path through the stone trees which lead north west. Following the path Smudge soon heard the sound of goblins ahead. As the approached Helstorm enlarged Smudge and Tirla hit the first of them with a sling stone. Three goblins riding huge wolfs rushed forward while seven more goblins followed behind. Smudge was bitten viciously but responding with a mighty slash across the wolfs chest. Tirla stabbed the wolf in the side as Chalk battled wolf and goblin on the left side of the trail Helstorm tripped one wolf but failed to hit it till it tried to recover then he struck it with his halberd. Chalk stabbed the third wolf twice before Smudge cleaved through both wolfs with a huge swing of his great sword. The goblins rushed forward over the wolfs bodies but Smudge and Chalk killed one each. Tirla had already stabbed one of the riders off the wolfs and Helstorm killed another goblin? With six goblins remaining they ran off in all directions. Smudge managed to run one down before the rest escaped into the forest…



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