After defeating the spider Helstorm watched the passage as Tirla went to investigate the what looked like a body wrapped in web. When she touched the web he body became ridged and she could not longer move. Smudge pulled her away from the web and she recovered in about twenty seconds. Smudge became cutting the web away from the body but he too touched the web and became paralyzed. Tirla cut the web away from him and continued to cut the body free. Inside the web was a Orc dressed in black studded leather with a long sword and throwing ax. After a few seconds the orc scrambled back away from the party. Smudge began talking to it in Dolish. The Orc spoke in simple words with a strong accent but was able to communicate. He told Smudge that this tribe lived near by and they only attacked the miners when they invaded their tunnels. When he saw the dead spider her looked surprised. When asked about the missing miners he lead the party to a large natural cavern with a huge stone column in the center. The cavern was divided in half by a series of columns formed by stalactites and Stalagmites forming a natural barrier across the cavern. Several of these columns had been broken by some kind of repetitive blows.

Smudge tied the Orc to a column and investigated the rest of the cavern. After finding nothing of interest on the floor Helstorm and Tirla spotted a dark opening 30 feet up the wall. After receiving a magical light from Helstorm focused on her head, Tirla proceeded to climb up to the ledge with much difficulty and several falls. She began using a dagger to wedge into a crack for protection. Once over the ledge she because looking for a place to tie the rope. and climbed up into the upper cave. The passage way went forward into the darkness and with a small cave branching off to the left. The cave appeared wet at first but suddenly the back wall peeled away and began moving across the floor towards Tirla. It appeared to be a huge jelly like creature that covered the floor in a thick layer which almost came up to Tirla’s waist. Tirla jumped off the 30 foot ledge. Smudge was able to catcher her as the Slime began moving down the wall. Tirla hit it once with her a sling stone and Smudge with an arrow. As it reached the ground Tirla released a bolt of electricity into the slime. This caused it to split into two smaller slimes. One rushed towards Smudge and he struck it with his great sword. This also caused the slime to split again and now the party faced three slimes. One oozed forward onto Smudge and began trying to engulf him. Helstorm rushed forward and struck one of the smaller slimes with his torch which seemed to damage it. He then passed his second torch to Smudge. It responded by lurching forward onto his body and began to crush him. Meanwhile Tirla tried to conjure fire but only managed to release another blast of electricity splitting the slime in half again. As the blob began crushing Helstorm he struck it with two quick blows from his torch and it released him collapsing to the ground. The effort cost him dearly though as he to fell to the ground with life threatening wounds. Smudge began battering the slime with his torch as it continued to crush him. The ooze seemed to be secreting some kind of acid that was also burning flesh. With several blows from his torch Smudge managed to throw the Slime to the ground and dissipate it. Tirla produced a torch from her pack and began to smack the slime with it while avoiding it’s lunches. Seeing Helstorm’s torch on the ground Tirla tumbled to it and picked it up using it to light her own. Using both torches she beat back one of the slimes as Smudge managed to avoid being grabbed by the other one and finished it off with his torch.

With all the slimes defeated the party looked back to see the Orc had freed himself and had picked up a rock to try and smash the slime if it came forward. He said “me go free now” and Smudge told him to leave but if he returned he would be the first to die. He quickly retreated into the darkness. After using a potion on Helstorm he came to. Smudge also used a potion. The whole party being injured and Helstorm using the last of his healing was not enough to stop them from investigating the ledge once again. Tirla used the rope to climb back up and pulled herself over the ledge again. Inside she found a room filled with bones and tattered clothing. Slumped against the wall was a skeleton wearing a belt woven from gold and silver. Picking it up she spotted a narrow area in the passage where she could wedge Smudges great sword and attached the room.

Soon everyone was up the ledge and they moved into the back move room. In the room they found five bodies wrapped in spider web. Starting with the smallest they cut open the web and found the Gnome Tekaryon whom they had been searching for. The next two were dwarf miners. The last two bundles of web contained orcs who looked similar to the one they had already freed earlier. Speaking to one of the Orcs in goblin Helstorm told them to return to their tribe and tell him that miners would close the passage way if they agreed not to attack any more. The Orcs quickly left into the darkness. The party, now with Tekaryon and two dwarfs climbed down the ledge and started making there way back to the miners quarters. Half way through the large cavern their way was blocked by eleven orcs dressed in black studded leather with wooden shields and long swords. Several of their shields were decorated with a white web pattern over the wood which looked to be stained black. A large Orc stepped forward wearing metal plated armor with a steel shield and longsword. He hesitated as the party approached. After several minutes of heated discussion which nearly came to blows he agreed to let the party pass in exchange for the gold and silver belt they had found.

The party with Tekaryon and the dwarfs quickly made their way back to the mining quarters as the orcs left through the passageway on the opposite side of the cavern. Once their Tekaryon reunited with his brother and the other dwarfs. They described their ordeal and the trouble with the orcs. Tekaryon and Vissaron presented the party with a fine gold necklage with three garnets to thank them for finding Tekaryon safe. The party decided they would go back and eliminate the Orcs and asked the miners for assistance. After resting for two nights to heal and regain their stamina the party managed to convince the gnomes and four dwarfs to help with combat the orcs for a share of their treasure. In the morning the group headed back into the tunnels.

They quickly made their way to the large cavern and past it where they last saw the Orcs. As they moved through another natural cavern towards a small passage way leading to a bright light Tekaryon noticed a small opening in the wall. Tirla and Smudge investigated. The crack was only a few feet wide and went in about 8 feet before turning and dead ending after another 7 feet. Tirla searched the wall and noticed it looked like a section could be moved. Smudge heard voices through the rock. With a push the false rock wall fell away revealing a small room with four orcs in it.

As the wall collapsed they hurled axes at Smudge striking him four times. He staggered forward and swung his sword in a wide arch catching one of the orcs and cutting deep into his side. As the orc crumpled to the ground another stepped over it and attacked Smudge. Smudge managed to parry the blow but the second Orc drew his sword and caught Smudge in the shoulder and neck with a slashing blow. Tirla dove between Smudges legs and attacked the Orc but it managed to block her blow with it’s shield. Smudge swung again and missed and one of the Orcs slipped his sword into Smudge’s side. Helstorm had made his way through the rocky crack and was now behind Smudge keeping him alive with healing. Tirla rolled between the two Orcs facing Smudge but dropped her sword in the process. As she picked it up the third Orc turned towards her. She quickly left forward and slashed it across the jaw but he thrust his blade forward catching Tirla across the cheek. Smudge struck one of the Orcs in front of him with his sword and moved forward letting Helstorm into the room. Helstorm slid his Halberd between Smudge and Tirla and caught the Orc Tirla had cut in the neck ending its life. Smudge finished the last Orc and the rest of the group piled into the room with their crossbows trained on the open passageway leading onward. Smudge and Helstorm grabbed shields and prepared to advance.



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