The last stand of Chalk

After Smudge dropped the goblin leader with an arrow they grabbed his body and brought it back inside. As they searched him and his body guards Tirla watched the door to the south. Chalk cleared the coins off the table and into a bag (45sp, 1gp). Smudge recognized the word “Silmar” to mean healing but does not know what language it is. Then Tirla heard sounds coming from the south and they formed out at the door in time to great five baboons and six goblins. Tirla spread caltrops out in the doorway. The first four baboons through the door were cut down and then the goblins behind them told them to stop and drew their bows. Party dropped behind their tower shields as the goblins fired. As they waited the goblins didn’t do anything except wait with their bows. As Helstorm and Smudge switched places so Smudge could use his bow they heard the sound of the door to the north opening. In came a large orange goblinoid mounted on a huge rust colored hound with four other similar looking goblinoids and another smaller hound. The party dropped back into the corner with their shields up. Tirla on top of the raised wooden platform blasted the northern door with a display of lights which stunned two of the goblins, the smaller hound and the mounted leader Tirla tossed a flaming oil towards the southern door and caught one goblin in it and they tried to rush in. As the remaining two orange goblins rushed Smudge from the north he went to rage and was able to kill them both. Helstorm prayed to Pelor and the power of the sun washed over him granting him strength Chalk and Helstorm fought the baboons and goblins from the south and Tirla soon joined in. As they killed most of them the smaller hound recovered and rushed towards Smudge but then stopped and fire left from his maw catching Smudge and Chalk in the flames. Smudge cut down the fire breathing hound with a few mighty blows before Helstorm could rush over to help. Then both Helstorm and Smudge Rushed the large mounted hound and attacked its rider with several blows while the hound hit Helstorm with a wave of flame. After a slash to the head the mounted goblin called “Gritsnar” and Smudge was stuck by a pillar of flame. Smudge responded by thrusting his sword into the goblin dropping it from the hound. The hound in turn clamped its jaws onto Smudge’s face knocking him to the ground unconscious. Tirla finished off the goblins rushed to the south door and stabbed one of the orange goblins through the neck as he recovered from the blast of light. The other slashed her across the side with its long sword, but she rolled behind it and finished it off. The huge hound standing on Smudge snapped at Helstorm missing as he healed Smudge’s face. Smudge and Helstorm injured the huge hound badly, but it stepped back back and blasted them with fire and they both feel to the ground. Tirla rushed after it slashing it with her sword but it turned and fled before she could finish it off. Meanwhile Chalk closed the south door as another large ground of goblins and baboons closed in. Tirla rushed back into the room and bandaged Smudge just in time. Chalk could not hold the door and a large orange goblin pushed through and stabbed Chalk in the side dropping him as Tirla stabbed him through the back. Tirla then ran across the room and grabbed the leaders head, turned and blasted the group of 7 baboons with a burst of light stunning all of them except one. It rushed forward but missed biting Tirla and she rolled aside and stabbed it, killing it. The rest of the goblins left. Tirla rushed to the baboons and killed four before the last two recovered. She again blasted them with light and one of them was stunned, the other turned and ran as she finished off the last stunned baboon. She then went to Chalk and he was past help.



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