The ruins of Xitaqa

Traveled to Misha’s ferry, saw a huge bear, fed it. Traveled to homestead, returned Pytors armor, then continued towards Xitaqa, rested in plains, then crossed river and encountered eight humans on horse. Exchanged arrows with the for several minutes before the leader became injured and fled. The rest dismounted and fought. After finishing them off took the horses and retreated across the river to the canyon wall and rested. Healed for the next day.

After resting the party headed into the first canyon, as they approached six baboons rushed towards them and attacked. After fighting them off and killing the huge leader the rest fled into a building ahead in the wall of the canyon. Opening the door they found eight baboons and quickly closed the door and continued into the canyon. Coming around the bend they noticed the large double doors slightly ajar with movement inside. Opening them behind shields they were met with a rain of arrows. Inside the room was filled with goblins. After moving into the room behind shields the goblins attack and the party defended at the doorway eventually killing most of the goblins. Four fled into the next room. There the leader with four body guards looked over the nine remaining Goblins as the leader commanded one to go inform “Golthar”. As the party battled the goblins Tirla blasted the leader with electricity twice and then hit the leader and another with a blast at the same time. The leader used his sword to heal himself and another goblin and then fled The last of the goblins were cut down and Smudge took down the leader just outside the other entrance to the building.



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