The Tower of Xitaqa

After the last of the goblins had fled and the baboons had been killed Tirla dragged Helstorm and Smudge onto the raised platform and dragged and piled goblins bodies at both doors making a pile of body parts and gore to deter any future goblins from investigating. She then searched the bodies of all the leaders and kept watch through the day and night. She also found a hunting horn and gold and silver goblet on the platform. She heard some goblin voices in the other room but they went quite when she started making noise. She cleaned and bandages Helstorm and Smudge’s wounds as best she could in the filthy gore covered room.
Helstorm recovered quickly more quickly and awoke the next morning. Tirla went to sleep and Helstorm took over the bandaging of wounds. After preying for an hour Helstorm healed Smudge and himself and then they rested for the rest of the day. Tirla awoke for the night and took guard. In the morning Helstorm used the rest of his healing powers and everyone was completely healed except Tirla.
Making their way out of the goblin rooms to the north they checked one building to the east which was empty before entering into a crypt like building. It was clean and empty but as they moved through it Tirla spotted something in one of the corners. A huge jello like cube reached out of the corner and began moving towards the group filling the passage way as it did. As hey turned to retreat back the way they came another could be heard moving in behind them. Helstorm lead them north through a door and up stairs which lead into the base of the tower.
As they entered the room large rust colored hound growled from behind a curtain across the room and rushed forward breathing fire. After a few exchanges of blows Smudge was suffered a nasty bit on his shoulder but the Hound was slain but an enlarged Helstorm and a stab from Tirla in the hindquarters. After searching looking over the room quickly while Tirla was searching for any kind of triggers on one of the doors they decided to investigate the double doors to the east.
They lead down stairs into what looked to be an old library. As Helstorm focused his energy to search for magic of any kind a huge black spider rushed him from his right. Tirla slashed one of its legs and Smudge rushed into the room to help. Smudge was bitten in the arm and poison coursed through his veins weakening him. Tirla rolled through the spiders legs and slashed its belly only to find herself in the corner of the library where another giant spider sat in its web. It rushed out and bit Tirla in the side. Helstorm smashed the first spider into a shelf of books knocking it over. As it tried to limp away Smudge stabbed in with is new longsword and saw the letters engraved at the base of the blade turn a light blue. Tirla backed away from the other side and it backed away into the corner. Helstorm stabbed in viciously with his pike and it rushed out to attack him but was killed by Smudges sword which again showed its engravings in bluish light. Searching the web Helstorm found a ebony writing set engraved with ivory. After seeing that both the doors leading from this room opened to the outside the party returned to the base of the tower and climbed up the spiral stairs.
The first room was a dormitory with eight empty beds, each with a pouch hanging next to them. One had a small chest at the base of the bed. Hearing muffled voice they passed through the room and climbed the spiral stairs to the next, here they could hear the voices more clearly, a human male speaking dole slightly raised. As they rushed into the room the voice stopped mid-sentence. The room appeared empty but a number of things happened at once. First a human appeared at the opposite side of the room as if out of nowhere and opened the door casting a glance as the party as he did. He went through and closed the door behind himself. A voice from the center of the room cried “Look out” as the sound of something large bellowed and rushed across the room. Helstorm was slammed into the wall, his shield cracked and he was gored in the chest by something he could not see. He collapsed to the ground unconscious. As Smudge tried to fight something he could not see without success Tirla stated tossing flaming oils into the room. After being slashed once Smudge touched his sword to Helstorm and said “Silmar” and Helstorm was healed. Helstorm used his detect magic and could see a sword shaped light moving around the room attacking Smudge. It moved away from the fires that Tirla has started on the floors. As Tirla reached for another oil flask it rushed for ways and gashed her from face to waist and she dropped to the floor. Helstorm stood up and stabbed at the invisible beast with his pike striking a mighty blow deep into the creature as it hacked away at Smudges shield. In response it rushed towards Helstorm and slashed his chest and ribs. He fell to the ground unconscious again. Smudge rushed after it slashing wildly and felt his sword strike a deep wound and head a loud crash and the creature dropped its sword and fell to the ground. Smudge used his sword to heal Helstorm again and he again came to. The voice from the middle of the room which has identified its self as Stephen said he had broken free and come to the party, picked up the sword and finished off the beast on the ground.



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