Tirla Mintlpop

happy go lucky inquisitive halfliing (run she is here)


I will tell that tall tale, scale the tallest wall, sling a good stone and so far get the hell away from the rabid bear.

One day wait it was the other day I said you are all just too big. Someone told me they were too small at 5’ 6" to my perfect 2’ 11" and my reply was did you grow up with giants or some’n, enough said.

it seems that she turns into a raging girl when her she is very wounded.

Character notes*

  • Tirla Dream: 1. saw a ruined temple over grown by plants. 2. Saw a man in rugged outdoor nice clothing but a big ragged and brown hair (this is Stephan.) He was chained up in a cell. 3. Was is in a big wooden hall food on table very welcoming. there was a big tapestry on wall that was kinda blurry.
  • morric was the man that won dice games
  • epic fight Smug took guy down in one punch outside of starting bar Rotten fish.
  • taking white horses up to elves up north.

Tirla Mintlpop

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