Tirla and Helstorm advanced into the next room to find it filled with animal skins, grabs, rubble and small bones. The dwarfs moved in and covered the exit as Smudge and Tirla searched the room while Helstorm went back and brought the orc bodies into the room to be searched. While Smudge searched the room a spider raced out of the rubble and bit him on the leg. He missed it with his long sword but Tirla raced across the room and slashed it with her shortsword. After searching the room the party loudly exclaimed they were leaving and waited quietly in the room.

After a few minutes they heard some hushed voices from down the hall and noticed a shadow of something near the doorway. After another five minutes Helstorm heard a scurrying on the floor and again saw a slight movement. Finally it was time to act, grabbing an orc body they had named “Ralf” Helstorm tossed it into the hallway as Tirla opened the door.

The hallway was empty with a closed door at the far end and a closed door on the immediate right. Helstorm prepared to rush through the door on the right with Ralf in the lead but when he tried to kick the door open it was obviously blocked on the far side. As they prepared to try and bash the door open Tirla moved quietly to the end of the hall and checked the door. It pushed open a few inches with ease but she could not see in the darkness beyond it. Smudge loudly made his way to the door and peered through the crack. Beyond he saw a wall about twenty feet away and what appeared to a foot right at the edge of his vision.

As the dwarfs and Gnomes guarded the other exits Helstorm peered Ralf’s head through the door which was greeted by four loud thunks into the door. He then rushed through the door with Ralf and tossed him forward as two more axes flew at him. Drawing his shield and mace he stepped to the right of the door and took up a defensive position. Tirla rushed in behind him and tossed a dagger into the first of seven orcs fanned out in front of the door waiting for them. Smudge rushed in and stepped to the left standing shoulder to shoulder with Tirla and Helstorm. Tirla managed to stab one Orc in the belly and Helstorm stuck him in the side with his mace collapsing him to the ground. One Orc slashed Helstorm with a strong blow. Smudge was not as lucky as he was struck twice by Orc blades, once in the hip and then again as he drove his sword through one Orc and downed another with a vicious blow. As the battled raged the Dwarfs suddenly shouted for help. Tirla rolled away from the combat and raced to the other end of the hall to see one dwarf slumped against the wall with an Axe in his chest. The Gnomes stood shoulder to shoulder holding the entrance against a wave of orcs. Two orcs had fallen to crossbow bolts as the other five sliced and hacked at the Gnomes. As Smudge and Helstorm battled five orc bodies now littered the floor and two remained. One was noticeable larger then the rest and gave a roar as she rushed forward veins bulging and eyes bloodshot red. As Helstorm tried maneuver to trip the raging Orc Smudge managed to block several of the huge Orc’s blows but was slashed once in the shoulder. Helstorm, frustrated with not being able to trip the orc re-drew his mace and smashed it into the Orcs back. As the Orc rose up to rain another blow down on Smudge a sword slashed him across the back bringing him to the ground. Turning Smudge and Helstorm saw Orgc-tulk-cluc the orc they had saved from the spider webs and released standing over the fallen orc. He nodded and said “Now even”.

Meanwhile at the other end of the hall the Gnomes and Orcs exchanged blows with the Gnomes dropping several more Orcs but both suffering severe wounds from the orc blades. Tirla behind them released a blast of electricity injuring one orc and blasting another to the ground. Tirlas focused changed as she heard commotion beyond the other door. As she turned away to face it the door opened and a blast of fire greeted the hallway. One dwarf collapsed to the ground while another rolled away and put himself out against the wall. Tirla managed to avoid most of the fire and lunged forward with his sword and stabbed the Orc standing in the doorway as her electricity discharged into it. The orc grunted and stepped back and another moved into its place and slashed at Tirla. Tirla sprang off the wall and drove her blade into the orc and it collapsed in the doorway. Another stepped forward and missed Tirla as she feinted a retreat and turned bracing off the back of the doorway leaping forward and driving her sword into the orc in the doorway. As it fell to the ground a cold feeling swept over Tirla but she turned and launched a blast of electricity into another oncoming orc.

As one Gnome dropped to the ground near death Helstorm and Smudge raced down the hall to take the fallen Gnomes place. Tekaryon, seeing that help had arrived brought his war hammer in a high arch landing it on an orcs chin and down into its chest driving it backward to the ground. Once large orc remained, looking at the four opponents in front of it, it quickly withdraw down the passage way behind it and into the darkness. Helstorm gave chase but quickly lost the orc and returned to the scene of the battle. Smudge turned and ran past Tirla into the remaining passageway still containing orcs. Inside he was met by a large room filled with orcs moving out of a doorway to the left. In front of him were three orcs and another two standing behind them. He drove his blade though one on the right and stepped over the body. Tirla tried to roll between two orcs as Smudge moved out of the way but one moved to block her and cut her his blade. She slashed it quickly doing little damage but a blade from the doorway ended its life. Orgc-tulk-cluc stood in the doorway ordering the orc women and children out of the room. The other orc was defeated as Tirla and Helstorm surrounded the orc leader dressed in banded mail armor. Smudge blocked several of his blows and Tirla stabbed him in the side. Helstorm brought him to the ground with a leg trip and Smudge drove his sword through the banded armor into his chest. The last orc with a animal skull headband rushed forward striking Smudge in the shield with a spiked club. The second blow caught Smudge through his armor. Smudge turned and slashed the last orc open with a mighty blow.

Helstorm and Tirla tended to the wounded dwarfs and gnomes but one dwarf was beyond saving and Vissaron was nearly dead as well. Helstorm used the rest of his healing to keep everyone alive.

Orgc-tulk-cluc stood in the doorway with the last few non-combatants feeling past him. After a few minutes of conversation much to the chagrin of the dwarfs Smudge asked if he would like to travel with them. Accepting he told them that the stuffed mountain lion had treasure inside but was probably trapped. After Tirla found the trap he searched and found a switch which he thought disabled it. Carefully Helstorm prodded creatures mouth with his halberd and with nothing happened Smudge reached inside and began pulling out handfuls of silver coins. After some time of dumping the coins on the floor the pile of loot contained mostly silver, some gold and platinum and a boot, gold and silver belt and a scroll.

After collecting the treasure and the wounded everyone made their way back to the mine entrance and rested the rest of the day as well as the following one.


After defeating the spider Helstorm watched the passage as Tirla went to investigate the what looked like a body wrapped in web. When she touched the web he body became ridged and she could not longer move. Smudge pulled her away from the web and she recovered in about twenty seconds. Smudge became cutting the web away from the body but he too touched the web and became paralyzed. Tirla cut the web away from him and continued to cut the body free. Inside the web was a Orc dressed in black studded leather with a long sword and throwing ax. After a few seconds the orc scrambled back away from the party. Smudge began talking to it in Dolish. The Orc spoke in simple words with a strong accent but was able to communicate. He told Smudge that this tribe lived near by and they only attacked the miners when they invaded their tunnels. When he saw the dead spider her looked surprised. When asked about the missing miners he lead the party to a large natural cavern with a huge stone column in the center. The cavern was divided in half by a series of columns formed by stalactites and Stalagmites forming a natural barrier across the cavern. Several of these columns had been broken by some kind of repetitive blows.

Smudge tied the Orc to a column and investigated the rest of the cavern. After finding nothing of interest on the floor Helstorm and Tirla spotted a dark opening 30 feet up the wall. After receiving a magical light from Helstorm focused on her head, Tirla proceeded to climb up to the ledge with much difficulty and several falls. She began using a dagger to wedge into a crack for protection. Once over the ledge she because looking for a place to tie the rope. and climbed up into the upper cave. The passage way went forward into the darkness and with a small cave branching off to the left. The cave appeared wet at first but suddenly the back wall peeled away and began moving across the floor towards Tirla. It appeared to be a huge jelly like creature that covered the floor in a thick layer which almost came up to Tirla’s waist. Tirla jumped off the 30 foot ledge. Smudge was able to catcher her as the Slime began moving down the wall. Tirla hit it once with her a sling stone and Smudge with an arrow. As it reached the ground Tirla released a bolt of electricity into the slime. This caused it to split into two smaller slimes. One rushed towards Smudge and he struck it with his great sword. This also caused the slime to split again and now the party faced three slimes. One oozed forward onto Smudge and began trying to engulf him. Helstorm rushed forward and struck one of the smaller slimes with his torch which seemed to damage it. He then passed his second torch to Smudge. It responded by lurching forward onto his body and began to crush him. Meanwhile Tirla tried to conjure fire but only managed to release another blast of electricity splitting the slime in half again. As the blob began crushing Helstorm he struck it with two quick blows from his torch and it released him collapsing to the ground. The effort cost him dearly though as he to fell to the ground with life threatening wounds. Smudge began battering the slime with his torch as it continued to crush him. The ooze seemed to be secreting some kind of acid that was also burning flesh. With several blows from his torch Smudge managed to throw the Slime to the ground and dissipate it. Tirla produced a torch from her pack and began to smack the slime with it while avoiding it’s lunches. Seeing Helstorm’s torch on the ground Tirla tumbled to it and picked it up using it to light her own. Using both torches she beat back one of the slimes as Smudge managed to avoid being grabbed by the other one and finished it off with his torch.

With all the slimes defeated the party looked back to see the Orc had freed himself and had picked up a rock to try and smash the slime if it came forward. He said “me go free now” and Smudge told him to leave but if he returned he would be the first to die. He quickly retreated into the darkness. After using a potion on Helstorm he came to. Smudge also used a potion. The whole party being injured and Helstorm using the last of his healing was not enough to stop them from investigating the ledge once again. Tirla used the rope to climb back up and pulled herself over the ledge again. Inside she found a room filled with bones and tattered clothing. Slumped against the wall was a skeleton wearing a belt woven from gold and silver. Picking it up she spotted a narrow area in the passage where she could wedge Smudges great sword and attached the room.

Soon everyone was up the ledge and they moved into the back move room. In the room they found five bodies wrapped in spider web. Starting with the smallest they cut open the web and found the Gnome Tekaryon whom they had been searching for. The next two were dwarf miners. The last two bundles of web contained orcs who looked similar to the one they had already freed earlier. Speaking to one of the Orcs in goblin Helstorm told them to return to their tribe and tell him that miners would close the passage way if they agreed not to attack any more. The Orcs quickly left into the darkness. The party, now with Tekaryon and two dwarfs climbed down the ledge and started making there way back to the miners quarters. Half way through the large cavern their way was blocked by eleven orcs dressed in black studded leather with wooden shields and long swords. Several of their shields were decorated with a white web pattern over the wood which looked to be stained black. A large Orc stepped forward wearing metal plated armor with a steel shield and longsword. He hesitated as the party approached. After several minutes of heated discussion which nearly came to blows he agreed to let the party pass in exchange for the gold and silver belt they had found.

The party with Tekaryon and the dwarfs quickly made their way back to the mining quarters as the orcs left through the passageway on the opposite side of the cavern. Once their Tekaryon reunited with his brother and the other dwarfs. They described their ordeal and the trouble with the orcs. Tekaryon and Vissaron presented the party with a fine gold necklage with three garnets to thank them for finding Tekaryon safe. The party decided they would go back and eliminate the Orcs and asked the miners for assistance. After resting for two nights to heal and regain their stamina the party managed to convince the gnomes and four dwarfs to help with combat the orcs for a share of their treasure. In the morning the group headed back into the tunnels.

They quickly made their way to the large cavern and past it where they last saw the Orcs. As they moved through another natural cavern towards a small passage way leading to a bright light Tekaryon noticed a small opening in the wall. Tirla and Smudge investigated. The crack was only a few feet wide and went in about 8 feet before turning and dead ending after another 7 feet. Tirla searched the wall and noticed it looked like a section could be moved. Smudge heard voices through the rock. With a push the false rock wall fell away revealing a small room with four orcs in it.

As the wall collapsed they hurled axes at Smudge striking him four times. He staggered forward and swung his sword in a wide arch catching one of the orcs and cutting deep into his side. As the orc crumpled to the ground another stepped over it and attacked Smudge. Smudge managed to parry the blow but the second Orc drew his sword and caught Smudge in the shoulder and neck with a slashing blow. Tirla dove between Smudges legs and attacked the Orc but it managed to block her blow with it’s shield. Smudge swung again and missed and one of the Orcs slipped his sword into Smudge’s side. Helstorm had made his way through the rocky crack and was now behind Smudge keeping him alive with healing. Tirla rolled between the two Orcs facing Smudge but dropped her sword in the process. As she picked it up the third Orc turned towards her. She quickly left forward and slashed it across the jaw but he thrust his blade forward catching Tirla across the cheek. Smudge struck one of the Orcs in front of him with his sword and moved forward letting Helstorm into the room. Helstorm slid his Halberd between Smudge and Tirla and caught the Orc Tirla had cut in the neck ending its life. Smudge finished the last Orc and the rest of the group piled into the room with their crossbows trained on the open passageway leading onward. Smudge and Helstorm grabbed shields and prepared to advance.


After cleaning up in the stream below the dam Tirla and Smudge spar a bit with short swords so Tirla can get a feel for her Mithral blade and what fighting techniques would work best with it. Soon after they start a gnome and two dwarfs appear in the opening to the mines eyeing them suspiciously. After exchanging greetings the party explains their situation and the Gnome, Vissaron welcomes them into the caves. After exchanging pleasantries they discuss their serch for the goblins in the “forest of stone” and Vissaron explains he has been to a place matching that description. He also explains the problems they have been having in the mine with orcs and now missing miners and seems clearly upset when he explains that his brother has gone missing as well. It seems that everyone can help each other and the party agrees to search the mines and he will give them detailed directions to the “forest of stone”.

After resting the night in the mines Berric helps build crude wooden tower shields for Smudge and Helstrom and leads them deeper into the mountain. Making their way though the dwarf passages takes a few minutes. Berric explains that their digging broke an existing passage that looks old. The passage is much smaller, five to seven feet wide and four to five feet high. It is damp and musky with mold growing in spots and water dripping from the ceiling and down the walls in places to form small slimy puddles and patches of mud. Ancient support timbers line the walls at ten to twenty foot intervals although they are rotten and worn by time. The dwarf leads them a bit farther to where the miners had already explored leaving them with directions to a room on the left and a large natural cavern to the right.

Smudge took up the lead behind his crude shield and started traveling through the cramped passageways sticking to the left whenever possible to avoid getting lost. They arrived at the room described by Berric and exited through the passageway on the left. Moving around some webs along the wall Smudge triggered a small collapse in the passage and was struck by a large rock in the neck and back. Continuing around the rubble and going left at a three-way junction Smudge followed a passage that curved left till he found himself at another T-junction after moving past another passage on the right. First he tried left but when it quickly lead to a collapsed tunnel he retraced his steps and took the right passage instead. A few steps down this passage the unstable roof again collapsed striking Smudge in the head with a large rock and Tirla in the knee. Helstorm called upon his healing magic to relieve Smudge’s pain before Smudge continued ahead to a four-way intersection. Here Smudge once again went left which lead into a irregular shaped room with a large twenty foot wide passage way leading out of it on the opposite wall which has collapsed and was now filled with two giant stone slabs and piles of rock and dirt. The room once had decorated plaster covered wall and ceiling but the plaster has cracked and fallen way leaving broken pieces went and molding scattered across the floor. Along both walls lie stone benches which hold half a dozen small silver statues that appear untouched by time. They are about a foot tall and look like robed jackal headed humanoids. Also in the room are three skeletons scatted across the floor which look to be Human or Orc. Their skeletal hands still grasping rusted swords and rotten ax shafts. Partially buried among their rotten clothing are three decaying pouches containing a total of 26gp. After Smudge and Tirla scan the room and collect the gold coins they decide to stay away from the silver statues and continue their search for the missing miners.

Moving back to the four-way intersection they again go left which only leads to a dead end so they return and go left again (which is right from where they first entered the intersection) but stop suddenly when Smudge notices a huge patch of mold covering the next twenty feet of floor. Tirla moves up to try and burn it but when she touches the torch to the mold spored explode from it filling the passage way. She stumbles back coughing up blood and feeling weakened. Quick thinking by Helstorm saves her more internal injuries when he makes her hold her breath for the next minute and a half to prevent the spores from growing inside her. Using torch and oil Tirla burns the mold in front of them and they carefully continue through the passage way. Ahead they pass a collapsed passage to the left and a open on to the right which appears to lead back towards on of the previous ways they passed through. Continuing forward Smudge nearly falls into a small crevasse as the floor collapsed in front of him but he reacted quickly dropping to a knee and rolling back away from the open floor. Around the collapsed floor the tunnel zigged to the left and then opened up at a T where the tunnel widened to the left and appeared more like a natural cavern and continued to the right getting smaller again. Smudge spotted what looked like a body wrapped in web in a small alcove formed by a old collapsed passage. As Smudge moved past the body to watch for danger while Tirla investigated it Helstorm was just backing his way out of the previous passage. As he turned a streak of web shot past him and caught Tirla in the back. She spun away wiping the web against the wall and off her back. A numbing sensation covered her back but she she was otherwise unaffected. As the Helstorm and Smudge scrambled to engage the huge spider that rushed them from the darkness Tirla managed to throw a dagger but it passed by the spider harmlessly. As the spider scrambled along the wall towards Helstorm he brought up his crude wooden shield to meet it. The spider being the quicker placed two arms on the shield holding it down as it shot forward sinking it’s fangs into Helstorm’s neck. As he staggered backward his body stiffened and he fell to the floor ridged rigid as the shield he held. Smudge rushed forward and slashed the spider across its right side leaving a large wound in its abdomen and cephalothorax (head). Tirla focusing her mind on past experiences released a bolt of energy which jolted the spider backward blackening one of its eyes and the side of its head. As she did it rushed forward again piercing smudges leg with its fangs. Smudge unyielding to the venom slashed again with his great sword, this time striking the wall as the spider leapt from the wall to the celiing and then to the floor. As Tirla rushed it with her sword the spider darted forward biting Tirla in the leg as it ducked under her blade. As it did energy surged from Tirla into the spider stunning it for only a fraction of a second which was also the rest of it’s life as Smudge steped to the side of the spider into the more open passage way he brought his great sword in a high arch over his head. As the spider reeled from the Tirla’s shock his sword caught it at the base of its abdomen and cephalothorax severing several legs and separating its head from its body!


After defeating the guardians of the black mirror Tirla and Helstorm explored the black room and Tirla poked at the broken mirror. Before they could rest the pixie Gzx’rtx, that Smudge had captured a few days before flew into the room bearing a small torch. After inspecting the scene and informing the group that things were better he left to return a few minutes later with another pixie with a wooden stick which she waved above Smudge three times healing him and bringing him back to consciousness. The three adventures then followed Gzx’rtx to the surface where they were greeted by a group of about twenty joyous pixies. They thanked the group repeatedly for helping them. The leader of the pixies, Gzx’irt presenting the party with a small box containing three vials which appeared to be similar to the healing vial previously identified by Kuzma. Gzx’irt also asked the pixies if they knew of the location of the wolf riding goblins. One female pixie with a button noise and a blue streak in her shoulder length hair told the party that she overhead goblins talking about their “forest of stone” while she was in the forest watching them.

After sharing a feast with the pixies, the group enjoyed a great night of sleeping and then left the lake of lost dreams and return to the western shore where the Goriidel and the rest of the elves awaited their return. The pixies had already returned the statue they had stolen from the elves. Goriidel answered the groups many questions and gave them a large black pearl as a reward for recovering the silvered-bronze maiden statue. After asking Goriidel enough questions to annoy him the elves took their leave and the party set off to the north following Goriidel’s directions to the mine in the Zargash Mountains.

After traveling the rest of the day north along the shore of the lake of lost dreams the party made camp and rested on the bank of a small river the feeds the lake from the north. The following the party continued to follow the trail, now along the river bank to the north. At about noon, the river which had been steadily decreased in size and flow, was now only a small stream when Tirla heard the sound of rustling leather on the wind. Turning back she spotted four halfling sized bats flying towards them. Smudge struck one with an arrow and Tirla with a sling stone before the bats reached them. As the swooped in to attack Tirla was bitten on the right arm which immediately started bleeding profusely. After Helstorm drove the end of his halberd into one bats neck and drove it to the ground he finished off a second bat with a blow from the blade of his halberd which cut through its right wing and cut deep into its side. Smudge quickly dealt a debilitating blow to one cutting one across its chest and slicing the other through wing and back. As the debilitated bat managed to turn and fly back towards the south Helstorm quickly wrapped Tirlas arm as Smudge picked up his bow and loosed an arrow at the retreating bat.

As the arrow passed over the bat Smudge’s attention was drawn to four goblinoid creatures about his height rushing out from beyond some rocks armed with long swords and shields. They were dressed in metal armor and looked feral, covered in patches of hair, with a flat nose and chin and un-kept red hair from their head. As Smudge called attention to the new foes Helstorm spoke in Goblin telling them that they would not be easy prey. To this a another large goblinoid mounted on a great red and black dog with red eyes perched on a mound beyond the rushing goblinoids responded in deep voice in well spoken goblin, “To that we shall see”. Smudge loosed a arrow at the mounted goblinoid and Tirla launched a sling stone at one of the rushing goblins. The arrow flew high and the stone left a dent in the rushing goblins shield. In response the Goblin leader raised his crystalline great sword and cried out “Gritsnar” as a ray of fire streaked from the sky striking and burning Smudge cross his chest and leg. The first rushing goblin reached Tirla and struck her it’s blade. The second missed Helstorm and ended up on it’s back and Helstorm slipped his Halberd behind it and drove it to the ground with his shoulder. Smudge now enlarged to a height of over ten feet tall from Helstorms god drove a mighty blow through skull of the first of two of the goblin rushing him. The second blow took the second goblin at the knees leaving it crawling away on two bloody stumps. Wounded Tirla dove between the goblins legs only to meet is metal shield, as she fell back to the ground the wicked goblinoid drive his sword through her abdomen and she passed into darkness. Helstorm kept his goblin on the ground and avoided its weak prone attacks. Suddenly the mounted goblin spurred the dog forward and raised his great sword. Smudge rushed to meet him driving his sword down into the Goblins shoulder and towards his mount. The Goblin reacted with incredible speed steering its mount out of the blades arch and cutting a cruel line across Smudges side opening his armor and flesh just below his ribs. As the huge dog bore the goblin past, Smudge turned and rushed towards the two remaining goblins on foot, who now were both threatening Helstorm. As Smudge’s great sword ended the life of one goblin Smudge pivoted past it switching his grip and driving his sword through the prone goblin pinning it to the ground for the last moment of its life.

The remaining mounted Goblinoid glared at Smudge briefly before turning his mount to the north and disappearing from view and Smudge taunted him. Helstorm raced to heal Smudge and Tirla with the rest of his powers. Tirla gasped back to consciousness and the group quickly gathered their horses and rode north.

After traveling for an hour and a half they made camp and rested the rest of the day. The next morning Helstorm healed Smudge and Tirla before they continued north. By late afternoon the mountain loomed in front of them, as veered east and north along side afternoon passed to evening and stairs became apparent ahead, leading to an opening in the mountain…

The black room

As the Pixies arrows fly Tirla and Helstorm try to greet them. The only response they receive are more arrows so Helstorm takes cover in the boat and helps Smudge rows towards shore. Tirla continues to try and parlay with the invisible fey invoking the legendary halfling-pixie treaty. As the Smudge powered boat races onto the shore it is clear the pixies are not responding to diplomacy. Helstorm and Tirla leap from the boat and race for the cover of the trees as small arrows continue to bombard them piercing their clothing and armor seams. Smudge flails at the invisible targets with his greatsword before deciding to pick up the boat and make his own cover with it. Helstorm and Tirla run through the woods and find the center of the island to be an large open meadow with and notice a structure in the other side of the meadow. Sticking close to the trees for cover they continue to run from the pursuing flutter of wings and arrows towards the building in the meadow. As they approach the building they see it looks to be some kind of temple like structure with raised floor, an open column supported roof and stairs leading up to the center from all four sides. It has statues on it’s corners. The center is enclosed by stone walls and has a door centered on each side. After waiting for the limping Tirla who’s leg was pierced by an arrow, Helstorm heals Tirla they make a break from the cover of the forest towards the temple. As Helstorm closes in on the temple he notices that Tirla has collapsed in the grass behind him with several arrows in your backside. He races back, lifts Tirla and carries her up the stairs to the temple. Helstorm quickly pulls the door open and slips inside. The fluttering of wings and whizzing of arrows stops.

Meanwhile Smudge begins making his way towards the forest with the boat on his back. At first the arrows continue to strike the boat but then they stop and Smudge feels the edge of a blade hit the armor on his leg. Smudge quickly drops to the ground with the boat above where the blade came from. Under the boat wrestling ensues as Smudge tries to catch the pixie and he tries to dig out under the boat. Smudge slashes it once with his short sword knocking it against the boat. Just as the pixie is about to dig its way free from the boat Smudge catches hold of it with his cloak and manages to wrap it in his rope and put the creature into his backpack.

Smudge continues into the forest with the boat on his back till he comes to the meadow and sees the structure in it. Turning and heading toward the structure Smudge slowly makes his way across the meadow carrying the boat for protection. As he nears the Temple he hears the sounds of several wings flying towards him and arrows begin striking the boat. Then they stop and the beating wings begin to surround him. Smudge decides to abandon the boat and makes a break for the doorway as pixies buzz angrily around him. He grabs Helstorm’s halberd which was left outside the door and reaches the safety of the temple.

Inside the building Helstorm has pulled the arrows out of Tirla and healed her a bit. The room is lit by a magical light Helstorm placed on the door. After examining their wounds and the room they find the center of the room is dominated by a shaft going down 30’ with a iron ladder attached on one side. Smudge removes the pixie from his backpack and cuts open a place for its head. After demanding that it show it’s self the pixie becomes visible. Questioning the pixie in various languages does not get any response although it does eat some food and drink water when offered. After resting for the entire day and night Helstorm heals the party and casts a protection spell on the captured pixie. Once the spell is cast the pixie immediately begins talking, answering some questions and asking more. It seems to get annoyed by being tied up and disappears from view and then seems to shrink in size and slip out of the rope and cloak. It then continues its questioning from the other side of the room, requesting its sword back. When Smudge refuses to give it back it warns the group that something is coming up the ladder. A loud growl emanates from below and something begins to climb up the ladder from below. As the party gathers around the opening and prepares to attack they see a huge muscular humanoid creature emerging from the shaft. As it reaches the top the group can see that is bears a striking resemblance to Smudge, only large and a little more stupid looking. When Smudge returns the sword to the pixie it giggles and the creature disappears. Soon the protection spell wears off and the pixie flees the building.

The party rests in the building one more day before descending into the depths fully healed. Smudge being the first one on the latter is electrocuted by a trap but manages to make it down the shift and throws his rope up for the Tirla and Helstorm to use as not to get shocked on the ladder. At the bottom a hallway goes forty feet and ends in a door. Tirla opens the door and rows of hooded skeletons turn and rush the hallway from the room beyond. As Smudge cuts down a few skeletons and Tirla defends Helstorm he calls upon the power of light and destroys wave after wave of skeletons. Soon the room if filled with only bones. The otherwise empty and after searching for fifteen to twenty minutes for secret doors the group takes the ladder opposite the hallway and descends down another twenty feet. Below is another hallway going the opposite direction and as the group searches it Tirla is hit by a poisoned dart weakening her slightly. Helstorm tends to the wound and Tirla is spared from any other negative effects.

The door at the end of the thirty foot hallway opens into a large room thirty feet wide and at least sixty feet long with four pillars running down the room in two rows. The room and everything in it is a pure black. Hanging between the second set of pillars is a obsidian mirror in a ornate frame. As Tirla moves into the room two hideous humanoid statues on the far wall of the room leap to life and attack. As Tirla struggles to harm the creatures with her small sword, Smudge races to attack one of them. Even his greatsword seems to do little damage against them. Helstorm uses his powers to enlarge Smudge as he battles one of the creatures. As the struggle continues Tirla is badly wounded by the non-stop assault of teeth, horns and claws from this black stone skinned creature. Finally she enters a trance as electricity explodes from her body into the creature. The creature is not deterred and attacks Tirla again biting onto her shoulder. Again electrical energy burst from her into the creature, wounded it decided to find a less painful target.

Meanwhile Smudge is bleeding heavily from numerous wounds as the horned creature continues to attack with tooth and claw. Finally seeing no other choice Smudge erupts in a fit of rage and begins attacking even more ferociously with his sword. The creature is not hit easily though as Smudges mighty blows miss several times. Helstorm seeing the tides turning against them rushes to the obsidian mirror where he sees a distorted and wicked looking version of him self in his reflection. He strikes the mirror with his halberd and it shatters into pieces. As it does the two black creatures also seem to crack in places and some kind of thick fluid starts to seem out of their cracks. After striking the other creature to little avail with his halberd before breaking the mirror, Helstorm decided to arms himself with the magical mace and strikes the creature in the side. The mace crushes the side of the creature leaving it badly wounded. Combined with Tirla striking it with her shiny light sword which provided a electrical shock the creature finally falls. Smudge covered in blood and injured in a dozen places finally strikes a mighty blow and injuring one of the remaining stone like creature. A second mighty blow cleaves through its torso leaving it to die in two parts.

Helstorm races to heal Smudge as he collapses to the ground near death…

Cursed and curse that map!

After defeating the undead elf like creatures the party searches the next room. Taking their time they search the walls for secret doors and investigate the coffins and bodies closely. They discover that one of the coffins have been hacked open recently and the other was only hacked a bit and but was also opened. After searching the second room and the main hallway for secret doors the party leaves the tombs on the ridge and sets off east through the hills.

The party travels though the hills for the remainder of the day before resting, in the morning they continue east and arrive at the a mountain which blocks their path. Not sure where the mines are and looking at their map they turn left and travel north along the mountains. As evening falls they find a small covered canyon to spend the night in. In the morning everything begins well. Smudge climbs the mountain side to get a look at the surrounding area. Tirla and Helstorm spare in front of the cave as Smudge climbs. After climbing for about 120 feet Smudge has a good look over the area and spots a water fall far to the north at the base of the mountains. About 200 feet to the south he spots a ledge with a cave beyond it about 200 feet up on the mountain side. As he climbs down to tell Tirla and Helstorm about the cave a rock gives way under his foot and Smudge slips and falls side tumbling and bouncing down the mountain side. He lands at the bottom, severely injured with several broken bones. As Helstorm sets to work healing him Tirla notices a create is now standing on the ledge that Smudge spotted earlier. Tirla points out the creature and Helstorm greets it as a noble creature.. The create has a humanoid face, body of a large lion, huge bat like wings and a tail full of spines. It responds in a deep booming voice that it is does understand quite well but it is not noble. As It leaps of the ledge Smudge prepares to lose an arrow at it. The creature responds by whipping its tail forward releasing a volley of long thin deadly spins at the party. Helstorm and Smudge are both seriously injured and the party quickly runs into the cave to take cover from the beast. The beast offers to only take the small one but Tirla does not seem to appreciate the trade and the group rests in the cave for a day and a half. They hear the beating of wings at night but very little activity during the day so they decide to sneak away at noon. Carefully leading the horses they make their getaway to the north along the mountains and take refuge in another small cave at the end of the day.

The next day the group finds the waterfall and the river drops into a deep canyon that cannot be crossed without traveling west for some ways. At this point they realize they are at the river on their map and not at all where they need to be and turn back to the south. They travel south for two and a half days taking care to avoid the mountain cave. Eventually they find a river which leads them to the lake of lost dreams. At the lake they cross over the river to the west and travel south along the lakes western shore. Along the western shore they come across a path from the west the turns and follows the lake shore to the south. Traveling south on the path they discover a crude dock an small row boat. Another hour of travel brings evening and as the party prepares to rest they spot a campfire on the shore of the lake to the north. It is there that they meet a group of five elves around a camp fire watching the lake.

The elves do not know the location of the goblins but ask for help retrieving a silver bronze statue which was stolen by pixes from the island in the middle of the lake. They also mark the location of the mine on the map and note that miners have recently had some problems with orcs. The elves also suggest asking the pixes for information about the location of the goblins as they are from the forest. The elves offer to share their fire and give the party twenty one days of dry rations to help them recover the statue. They also agree to watch the parties horse and wait for a week for the group to return. The party spends the night at the elves campfire and in the morning sets off across the lake in the row boat. The lake is covered in a thick layer of fog as it was the day before but after an hour of rowing an island raises out of the fog before party. Suddenly a volley of small arrows are unleashed on the row boats crew…

Tombs on the ridge

Party rests for two days to recover from their battle with the dark shapes in the first tomb. During the two days Helstrom works teaching Smudge and Tirla Goblin while Smudge tries to teach Helstorm Bularian. The first day Tirla has some luck learning some goblin words. The second day Helstorm learns a little Bularian.

After resting for two complete days the party enters the first tomb (west most). Descending into the tomb they find a hallway decorated by frescoes along both walls The frescoes are all of humanoids with jackal headed masks in priestly robes. Searching the first one fresco Tirla is able to move the painting and search the alcove behind it. In the alcove a single human looking skeleton was sitting against the wall facing the wall. After replacing the fresco they continue down the hall and open the door to a room with a crystal coffin in the center sitting on a stone plinth. After looking through the coffin and seeing a body with a jewel encrusted mace on its chest Helstorm and Smudge try to lift the coffin. As soon as it is disturbed the body inside pushes the lid of the coffin open and attacks. The creature is cut down with relative ease. Then Helstorm carefully wraps the mace with part of the creatures robe and places in mace into his backpack. Helstorm opens the door towards the exit and is greeted by a over-whelming smell of death and decay. As he tries to run out of the tomb a undead creature of muscle and bone crashes through the second fresco on the right and bites him. Helstorm’s body becomes stiff and he falls to the ground. The creature then moves towards Tirla. As Tirla and Smudge battle the creature they notice a glow coming from Helstorms backpack and he is laying face down on the ground. Tirla slips past the creature and begins attacking it from behind. Eventually the creature is overcome by blows and the group exits the tomb.

After some discussion the group carefully entered the 3rd circle (east most) and proceeded to the 3rd tomb. Tirla went inside and began looking over the 13 skeletons. After a bit Helstorm and Smudge entered the tomb as well. As they started going through the rotten pack the door slammed shut. After searching all the bodies they went to the last room. After some investigation they noticed the figures carved into the white marble and see that three of them look freshly carved. After counting the figures and the skeletons in the room they decided that the last three figures are them. Smudge carves another figure in the marble but it does not have any affect. After some deliberation Smudge defaces the last three figures in the procession and the tomb door opens. Items found in the tomb including a Short sword made from a light silvery metal that looks to be of fine craftsmanship, a set of human sized half plate, a silver holy symbol of Fharlanghn, three gems, silver incense burner and 108 gp.

After leaving the 3rd circle the group spent some time decided if they should rest, leave or continue in the last tomb. After a few minutes Smudge convince the group to enter the tomb. Once inside the circle the party made there way over the mangled bodies and entered the middle tomb. Inside they moved past the piles of bones and rounded the corner of the first room. Tirla was immediately attacked by two undead elf like creatures with glowing orbs on their hands. The creatures seemed very resistance to attacks and eventually Smudge managed to hack one of there feet off. With another mighty blow Smudge cut through the leg of the creature and it collapsed. The second creature was still mostly unharmed from Tirlas japs when Helstorm struck it with the glowing mace. In a burst of energy the creature let out a high pitch scream and then collapsed to the ground as a pile of ashes and clothing.

A night of cold and fire

After a day of rest in Sukiskyn Tirla and Smudge are recovered and ready to continue the search for Stephen. The new human battle priest, agrees to Helstorm accompany them in the place of Taras. Tirla, Smudge and Helstorm set off with three horses traveling to the east in search of clues of Stephens whereabouts. They seek to find the Vyalia elfs to the south east of the lake of lost dreams or the tombs on the ridge to the north west of the lake.

After traveling along the forest edge for two days the group turns north and heads into the hills. There they find a valley which they camp in on the 2nd night and then continue north for their third day of travel. As the end of the day approaches Tirla notices some irregular shapes at the top of a ridge to the north. After another hour of travel the group finds themselves on the top of a hill with three large barren earth circles in front of them, each circle has a small stone mound in the center with an entrance into it.

Tirla enters the west most circle and is finds herself in a light-less area with a slightly green glow emanating from the entrance to the stone mound in the center of the circle. As she peers at the glow two dark shapes take from around her reach through her body draining her life force and strength. Smudge and Helstorm still outside the circle only see Tirla standing in the circle looking at the center. As she cried out and appeared to be struggling, Helstorm encompassed his halberd with light and stepped into the circle. Smudge rushed into the circle and took a swing at once of the dark shapes with his great sword. The sword passed through the dark shape with no affect. The two dark shapes turned towards Smudge and reached into his body draining him of life force and strength. As Helstorm calls on the powers of Pelor to banish these creatures of un-death Tirla and Smudge retreat out of the circle. Helstorm is not able to channel the powers of Pelor and she steps back outside the circle. Outside the circle the two dark shapes emerged from the circle the the whole world seemed to grow dark. As Tirla tossed her dagger and it also passed through the dark shape. As the shapes attacked again Helstorm again called upon Pelor and again was unable discourage the dark shapes. Tirla abandoned trying to light a torch as her and Smudge moved away from the circle and spread out. As they dead one of the dark shapes turned to Helstorm slightly draining him. The other chased Tirla draining her again. As Tirlas strength began to fail she slipped into a state of darkness and energy exploded from her into the dark shape. Meanwhile Helstorm began using the healing energy of the sun to harm the dark shapes of….darkness. Smudge seeing Tirla standing unresponsive in front of the shade rush to her and picked her up, as he did the darkness gave chase. Again Tirla turned towards the darkness releasing a burst of energy which caught Smudges shoulder badly burning it. When Smudge looked back all that was left of the darkness was a dark mist that quickly melted away in the sunlight. After several of Helstorms healing energy the other dark form also melted away into the sunlight.

Helstorm healed some of the damage to Smudges shoulder and the group decided to rest the night here on top of the hill to recover some of their strength. About midnight with Smudge on guard he heard some growls off in the distance. After waking up the group they moved to the opposite side of the circle and waited. After a few long minutes two huge reddish brown wolf like creatures appeared at the edge of Smudges vision. As Smudge raised his bow to fire the wolf’s raced around the circle towards the group. Smudge in his weakened state could now drawn his bow and tossed it aside to draw his sword and step into the circle of darkness. As the wolfs approached Tirla leaped over one cutting it across the back and rolling to the side of the wolf. Helstorm hooked the other wolfs legs with his Halberd and deposited the wolf on its side. Things looked good till both the wolfs released a blast of fire from their mouths, scorching Tirlas leg as she was quick enough to leap aside but Helstorm was caught in the blast and she staggered back into the circle of darkness putting out the fire on his shoulder. Smudge raced out of the circle and weakly swung his sword at the hound as Tirla raced past the other trying and failing to cut its legs on the way by. As Tirla landed the hound caught her in his massive jaws and tossed her to the ground barely capable of defending her self. Tirla had already been bitten in the leg and was just able to roll herself into the circle of darkness. With the whole party in the circle the two hounds entered the circle but immediately turned and left.

After waiting a few long minutes in the bone chilling cold and darkness of the circle Smudge peered out of the circle to find the night calm and quite minus their horses. The party resumed camping and in the morning were able to find their three horses scattered in the hills. Helstorm healed Tirla, Smudge and himself so only Smudge was still injured with some minor burns. The party then prepared to rest for the day to recover more of their strength.

What’s the use in searching if nothings there to find

Tirla, Smudge, Gorn and Taras borrow horses and leave for Llyakana the lumber camp to search for clues of Stephens whereabouts. As they leave Sukiskyn and pass the scene of their first battle with the goblins Tirla flashes back to her fight with the goblin that almost killed her and how the goblin was blasted away before it could. Smudge with Tirla mounted on is horse in front of him feels a surge of crackling energy and Tirla’s hair stands on end. When Tirla snap out of her flash back she dismounts to investigate the site of the battle. She discovers burnt marks on the trees and leaves around where she had been standing in the battle. Suddenly four flying four-winged bat like creatures swoop down and attack Tirla. She hits one with a dagger before another attaches to her shoulder. Using her new short sword she was given my Pytor, she cuts the proboscis off the creature which had attached to her. Another one lands on her while anoter turns and heads towards the rest of the group which are firing arrows. Taras drops it with an arrow before it can reach him. Tirla slices the second one that landed on her twice but not in time to keep it from sucking blood from her shoulder draining and weakening her. The last creature lands on Gorn when he charges but is quickly cut in half by his sickle before it can stab him with its life draining proboscis. Then they search around the trees for any sign of nests for fifteen minutes before continuing on to Misha’s ferry.

Misha’s log cabin is abandoned with the door ajar it looks ransacked and nothing of value left inside. The ferry was still functional and they crossed the river to the north using it. Arriving at the lumber camp they find a crazed Kalanos who flees into the woods. Smudge and Tirla ride him down and subdue him with a sling stone and a couple blows with the flat side of Smudges great sword. After tying Kalanos up with rope they search the remains of the lumber camp for clues to what happened. They find lots of goblin tracks all over the camp and notice a large group (30+) of tracks leading south and a smaller group with more human sized tracks leading east.

Following the smaller group of tracks through the forest they travel east out into the plains where they camp for the night. Then they spot several structures to the southwest in the distance and travel to it only to find the remains of Cherkass which is now a burnt ruins with nothing left of value or interest except several goblin and human bodies and tracks of a large group of goblin sized creatures that heads west. They ride back to the tracks and continue to follow them but the trail moves onto more rocky ground the with no one being trained in tracking the trail is soon lost. They then ride in the last direction the tracks where going to the southest. After riding most of the day they come to another forest line and turn to the north east following the tree line when Taras points out that that another homestead, Segenyev should just be a few miles away. They setup camp at nightfall and continue their travels in the morning.

They travel a few more hours in the morning to find Segenyev in much the same condition as Cherkass except with more recently deceased goblin bodies and a smaller group of wolf and goblin tracks that leave to the Southeast. From there they set out into the forest to the Southeast for a day when they discover an area of the forest that is familiar, searching for a bit they find the entrance to the goblin tunnels which they had explored not more then a few days past. After making their way into the main room and finding it much the same as last time they setup camp in the forest outside the tunnels and build a large fire to try and attract the goblins attention. Around midnight while Smudge is on guard he is ambushed by four grey skinned muscular orcish brutes armed with a mismatch of weapons and armor. Their spears all miss Smudge and Smudge calls for Kord’s help as he rushes away from the fire to the edge of the clearing to meet them in battle. His first blow shatters an Orcs sword sending shards of metal into it’s face and neck as Smudges sword slices a gash through the top of its head. Two orcs flail uselessly at Smudge as he maneuvers around them. Smudges next blow nearly takes off an orcs shoulder crushing him to the ground never to raise again. The rest of the party is now awake from Smudges battle cry and firing missile weapons at the orcs with little accuracy. As Smudge drops the second orc the fourth orc maneuvers behind him. As one orc’s war hammer slams Smudge in the chest the others spear pierces Smudges back and erupts from his abdomen. Smudge looks down at the spear piercing his abdomen and collapse to the ground near death. Tirla quickly launches a sling stone into the head of the orc that fell Smudge and Gorn’s charge brings his sickle into it orcs neck. The last orc turns and flees into the forest. Gorn quickly pulls the spear from Smudge’s stomach as blood gushes from the wound he calls upon the powers Boccob to heal Smudge him with all his power. After resting the night Gorn again heals Smudge but he does not wake the next day. Loading Smudge and Kalanos on horses they travel out of the forest and camp in the plains that night. The next day night they travel all day back to Sukiskyn which takes then well into the night.

Back in Sukiskyn Smudge and Kalanos are treated by Kuzma and both recover the following day. They take the day to repair Smudges armor, find out from Kalanos that the Wolf goblins lead all the prisoners off to the east from the lumber camp and question Kuzma and Pytor about who might have information about the goblin’s whereabouts. They also have Darya and Stellious help appraise the gems (10gp and 150gp) and earrings (20gp and 50gp) they recovered from the goblins. Kuzma also identifies the 2 of the 3 vials as a potion of healing and a potion of hiding from the dead.

The next morning they prepare to set off toward the lake of lost dreams to try and find the elf’s in hopes of finding out the location of the goblins.

Battle in the Mist

Cold wind and rain pelt the party as the approach Fyodorll’s camp where they negotiate to buy 11 of the white horses for 32gp each passing on her offer to sell the whole lot of them (24) for 30gp each. After leaving the camp the party travels a few miles down the trail and tie the horses up off the path. They then wait in the cold wind and rain for midnight. Smudge starts to feel ill so they start a fire to warm up and dry off. At midnight the rain lets up but the wind is still blowing as the sneak up to the camp. Smudge and Gorn stick to the forest and move around the back of the clearing to open up the corral. Taras and Tirla hide on the side of the path just out of the clearing and watch the camp. Smudge manages to remove part of the corral and sneak into the horses and starts tethering them together. One of the horses gets spooked and makes a loud noise. One of the humans who was on guard hears the noise and walks around the corral to make sure the horses are alright. As he spots the open corral in the light of his torch Gorn rushes forward and calling upon his god strike fear into the human. The weathered human lets out a gasp and flee past the camp towards the trail at a full sprint. Tirla and Taras watch as he flees past them and down the road, but as he passes he looks right at themm. About 70 feet down the road he stops running as the fear wears off and he starts to scream. Tirla starts sneaking up while Taras runs up and hits him with an arrow. After another arrow and a sling stone he falls to the group unconscious but the noise he made has alerted the camp.

Meanwhile when Gorn and Smudge hear the mans screams Gorn rushes to the side of the corral and summons a thick fog which begins drifting over the camp driven by the wind. As the camp awakens in the fog Fyodorll rushes towards the calls of her companion and reaches the edge of the fog with her bow drawn. She sees Tirla and they exchange fire, Tirla takes an arrow to the buttocks and Fyodorill is hit by an arrow and stone from Taras and Tirla. As Tirla hides Fydoroll hits Taras with an arrow as well. Two of her companions join her at the edge of the fog and begin firing arrows at Taras. Meanwhile Gorn and Smudge have lead the horses out of the corall and into the forest but hearing the commotion Smudge tells Gorn to enlarge him and tie the horses up in the forest. Enlarged Smudge rushes towards the camp. He spots one of the humans near the back wagon and charges. The human manages to hit him with an arrow before Smudge reaches him and cuts him down.

As Fyodorll is hit by several arrows she moves back into the fog. As she nears the wagon she comes face to face with a enlarged and enraged smudge who strikes her with a mighty blow almost killing her. She tried to mutters something and a blast of color erupts from her hand but Smudge reacts too quickly and shields his face unaffected. As Smudge moves up to strike a finishing blow, her two companions move up to protect her. Seeing the battle is lost Fyodorll yields and Smudge obliges. She offers to give back the gold for the horses and give them all the horses. They just take the white horses but Smudge spots her longbow and takes it giving his lowbow to her. She does not look happy about this but has no other choice. With all 24 horses the group starts leading them through the night back to the homestead. Going is slow till daylight when they can mount their horses and ride the rest of the way. They reach the homestead just before nightfall to a warm reception from Pyotr. In the homestead are the loggers from Llyakana who tell of the goblin attacks there. As the party drys and warms in the hall a feast is served and the homestead celebrates the return of the horses. During the celebration Smudge notices that something is wrong with Pyotr. When confronted Pyotr admits that his is very concerned about his brother Stephen who was at Llyakana at the time of the attack. Smudge agrees to help look for him and Pyotr offers half of all the profit from the horses to the party in exchange for their help.


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