The Tower of Xitaqa

After the last of the goblins had fled and the baboons had been killed Tirla dragged Helstorm and Smudge onto the raised platform and dragged and piled goblins bodies at both doors making a pile of body parts and gore to deter any future goblins from investigating. She then searched the bodies of all the leaders and kept watch through the day and night. She also found a hunting horn and gold and silver goblet on the platform. She heard some goblin voices in the other room but they went quite when she started making noise. She cleaned and bandages Helstorm and Smudge’s wounds as best she could in the filthy gore covered room.
Helstorm recovered quickly more quickly and awoke the next morning. Tirla went to sleep and Helstorm took over the bandaging of wounds. After preying for an hour Helstorm healed Smudge and himself and then they rested for the rest of the day. Tirla awoke for the night and took guard. In the morning Helstorm used the rest of his healing powers and everyone was completely healed except Tirla.
Making their way out of the goblin rooms to the north they checked one building to the east which was empty before entering into a crypt like building. It was clean and empty but as they moved through it Tirla spotted something in one of the corners. A huge jello like cube reached out of the corner and began moving towards the group filling the passage way as it did. As hey turned to retreat back the way they came another could be heard moving in behind them. Helstorm lead them north through a door and up stairs which lead into the base of the tower.
As they entered the room large rust colored hound growled from behind a curtain across the room and rushed forward breathing fire. After a few exchanges of blows Smudge was suffered a nasty bit on his shoulder but the Hound was slain but an enlarged Helstorm and a stab from Tirla in the hindquarters. After searching looking over the room quickly while Tirla was searching for any kind of triggers on one of the doors they decided to investigate the double doors to the east.
They lead down stairs into what looked to be an old library. As Helstorm focused his energy to search for magic of any kind a huge black spider rushed him from his right. Tirla slashed one of its legs and Smudge rushed into the room to help. Smudge was bitten in the arm and poison coursed through his veins weakening him. Tirla rolled through the spiders legs and slashed its belly only to find herself in the corner of the library where another giant spider sat in its web. It rushed out and bit Tirla in the side. Helstorm smashed the first spider into a shelf of books knocking it over. As it tried to limp away Smudge stabbed in with is new longsword and saw the letters engraved at the base of the blade turn a light blue. Tirla backed away from the other side and it backed away into the corner. Helstorm stabbed in viciously with his pike and it rushed out to attack him but was killed by Smudges sword which again showed its engravings in bluish light. Searching the web Helstorm found a ebony writing set engraved with ivory. After seeing that both the doors leading from this room opened to the outside the party returned to the base of the tower and climbed up the spiral stairs.
The first room was a dormitory with eight empty beds, each with a pouch hanging next to them. One had a small chest at the base of the bed. Hearing muffled voice they passed through the room and climbed the spiral stairs to the next, here they could hear the voices more clearly, a human male speaking dole slightly raised. As they rushed into the room the voice stopped mid-sentence. The room appeared empty but a number of things happened at once. First a human appeared at the opposite side of the room as if out of nowhere and opened the door casting a glance as the party as he did. He went through and closed the door behind himself. A voice from the center of the room cried “Look out” as the sound of something large bellowed and rushed across the room. Helstorm was slammed into the wall, his shield cracked and he was gored in the chest by something he could not see. He collapsed to the ground unconscious. As Smudge tried to fight something he could not see without success Tirla stated tossing flaming oils into the room. After being slashed once Smudge touched his sword to Helstorm and said “Silmar” and Helstorm was healed. Helstorm used his detect magic and could see a sword shaped light moving around the room attacking Smudge. It moved away from the fires that Tirla has started on the floors. As Tirla reached for another oil flask it rushed for ways and gashed her from face to waist and she dropped to the floor. Helstorm stood up and stabbed at the invisible beast with his pike striking a mighty blow deep into the creature as it hacked away at Smudges shield. In response it rushed towards Helstorm and slashed his chest and ribs. He fell to the ground unconscious again. Smudge rushed after it slashing wildly and felt his sword strike a deep wound and head a loud crash and the creature dropped its sword and fell to the ground. Smudge used his sword to heal Helstorm again and he again came to. The voice from the middle of the room which has identified its self as Stephen said he had broken free and come to the party, picked up the sword and finished off the beast on the ground.

The last stand of Chalk

After Smudge dropped the goblin leader with an arrow they grabbed his body and brought it back inside. As they searched him and his body guards Tirla watched the door to the south. Chalk cleared the coins off the table and into a bag (45sp, 1gp). Smudge recognized the word “Silmar” to mean healing but does not know what language it is. Then Tirla heard sounds coming from the south and they formed out at the door in time to great five baboons and six goblins. Tirla spread caltrops out in the doorway. The first four baboons through the door were cut down and then the goblins behind them told them to stop and drew their bows. Party dropped behind their tower shields as the goblins fired. As they waited the goblins didn’t do anything except wait with their bows. As Helstorm and Smudge switched places so Smudge could use his bow they heard the sound of the door to the north opening. In came a large orange goblinoid mounted on a huge rust colored hound with four other similar looking goblinoids and another smaller hound. The party dropped back into the corner with their shields up. Tirla on top of the raised wooden platform blasted the northern door with a display of lights which stunned two of the goblins, the smaller hound and the mounted leader Tirla tossed a flaming oil towards the southern door and caught one goblin in it and they tried to rush in. As the remaining two orange goblins rushed Smudge from the north he went to rage and was able to kill them both. Helstorm prayed to Pelor and the power of the sun washed over him granting him strength Chalk and Helstorm fought the baboons and goblins from the south and Tirla soon joined in. As they killed most of them the smaller hound recovered and rushed towards Smudge but then stopped and fire left from his maw catching Smudge and Chalk in the flames. Smudge cut down the fire breathing hound with a few mighty blows before Helstorm could rush over to help. Then both Helstorm and Smudge Rushed the large mounted hound and attacked its rider with several blows while the hound hit Helstorm with a wave of flame. After a slash to the head the mounted goblin called “Gritsnar” and Smudge was stuck by a pillar of flame. Smudge responded by thrusting his sword into the goblin dropping it from the hound. The hound in turn clamped its jaws onto Smudge’s face knocking him to the ground unconscious. Tirla finished off the goblins rushed to the south door and stabbed one of the orange goblins through the neck as he recovered from the blast of light. The other slashed her across the side with its long sword, but she rolled behind it and finished it off. The huge hound standing on Smudge snapped at Helstorm missing as he healed Smudge’s face. Smudge and Helstorm injured the huge hound badly, but it stepped back back and blasted them with fire and they both feel to the ground. Tirla rushed after it slashing it with her sword but it turned and fled before she could finish it off. Meanwhile Chalk closed the south door as another large ground of goblins and baboons closed in. Tirla rushed back into the room and bandaged Smudge just in time. Chalk could not hold the door and a large orange goblin pushed through and stabbed Chalk in the side dropping him as Tirla stabbed him through the back. Tirla then ran across the room and grabbed the leaders head, turned and blasted the group of 7 baboons with a burst of light stunning all of them except one. It rushed forward but missed biting Tirla and she rolled aside and stabbed it, killing it. The rest of the goblins left. Tirla rushed to the baboons and killed four before the last two recovered. She again blasted them with light and one of them was stunned, the other turned and ran as she finished off the last stunned baboon. She then went to Chalk and he was past help.

The ruins of Xitaqa

Traveled to Misha’s ferry, saw a huge bear, fed it. Traveled to homestead, returned Pytors armor, then continued towards Xitaqa, rested in plains, then crossed river and encountered eight humans on horse. Exchanged arrows with the for several minutes before the leader became injured and fled. The rest dismounted and fought. After finishing them off took the horses and retreated across the river to the canyon wall and rested. Healed for the next day.

After resting the party headed into the first canyon, as they approached six baboons rushed towards them and attacked. After fighting them off and killing the huge leader the rest fled into a building ahead in the wall of the canyon. Opening the door they found eight baboons and quickly closed the door and continued into the canyon. Coming around the bend they noticed the large double doors slightly ajar with movement inside. Opening them behind shields they were met with a rain of arrows. Inside the room was filled with goblins. After moving into the room behind shields the goblins attack and the party defended at the doorway eventually killing most of the goblins. Four fled into the next room. There the leader with four body guards looked over the nine remaining Goblins as the leader commanded one to go inform “Golthar”. As the party battled the goblins Tirla blasted the leader with electricity twice and then hit the leader and another with a blast at the same time. The leader used his sword to heal himself and another goblin and then fled The last of the goblins were cut down and Smudge took down the leader just outside the other entrance to the building.

A wolf of a problem

As the moon drifted over the horizon Tirla was awaken by a loud moan of agony followed by a snarl. Where Helstorm slept minutes ago a huge wolf now glared at her with red eyes. As Smudge and Chalk rose the wolf lunged at Tirla biting her ferociously. Tirla focused her energy and a blast of colors erupted from her palms stunning the wolf creature momentarily. Smudge and Chalk rushed forward and leaped onto the wolf while Tirla tried to wrap his mouth with rope. The wolf suddenly exploded in a rage with super human strength and easily broke free from the grasps of the party. Everyone grimly drew their silver weapons and attacked the wolf. It managed another nasty bite on TIrla’s shoulder and chest as Smudge stabbed it twice in the abdomen with his silver short sword. Chalk managed to slash its leg with his silver battle ax before it turned and bite him ferociously. Tirla stepped back and unleashed a blast of lightening that stuck the wolf squarely in the side knocking it tumbling back across the grassy plane. As Smudge and Chalk rushed to bind the wolf Tirla heard its breathing becoming more and more shallow. Smudge remembering some of the teachings of Helstorm quickly began binding the wounds and stopping the bleeding. Then they constructed a simple litter and loaded the wolf on it. Smudge and Helstorm carried the huge wolf for several hours before Smudge could carry it no longer. Tirla went ahead and arrived at the homestead and Pytor and Taras rode to the group with horses and helped carry the wolf back. At the homestead they explained the situation and Alfana seemed to know an extraordinary amount about the cure of lycanthrope. They waited tell morning when Helstorm changed back to his human form and then they set off for West fort with extra horses in tow. They reached the ocean as darkness approached and they dug hole and buried Helstorm and piled rocks and logs on top. As the moon rose he again changed into a wolf and began struggling, growling and thrashing about wildly but made little progress in freeing himself. After thirty minutes of trashing wilding the group began to loosen around him. Smudge smacked him with the pommel of his sword twice but it seemed to do little. Then he beat the wolf in the head with the flat of his silver sword. The wolf collapsed. Some hours later it awoke again and Helstorm again silenced it with the flat of his silver sword. The next morning the wolf changed form back into Helstorm and they unburied him. He was still unconscious so they tossed him over a horse and road toward West Fort. Arriving in the middle of the day Chalk waited outside the town hiding in a corn field. The rest of the group arrived in town and a guard in chain mail and a grey tunic pointed them towards the priest of Pelor. In a wooden house with a sign hanging above a small patio with a symbol of Pelor on it they found a clean simple room with a large table. A young women dressed in a simple orange tunic and vest greeted them. Listing to their situation she went into the other room and returned with two humans, both dressed the same, the elder one looked to be around thirty-five. Listening to the situation he returned to the other room and preyed for about an hour. Then returned and took a donation of 150gp plus another 125gp for extra spells to help fight the curse. After some brief chanting which Helstorm recognised as guidance and owls wisdom, the priest of Pelor broke the curse and Helstorm was cured. Then the party went towards the center of town finding the smith, a buliarian in his early thirties with a well equip shop. His assistant was a young girl whom he called johnny. After haggling for a while they purchased a bunch of goods:

MW breast plate 375gp
3 tower shields 83gp
fixed armor 20gp
SOLD MW short sword for 120gp
MW warhammer 360gp
50 days of dry rations – 25gp
MW Lucerne hammer – 365gp
SOLD halberd – 5gp

After the Smith they stopped at the general store and inquired about a spyglass. They had none. They also showed a few of the jewelry they had found but did not get a price to their liking (30pp for the moonstone necklace and 15pp for each of the two large green tourmalines. Then they headed to the furniture shop to ask about bows. He did not have a bow for the strength of Smudge and they left.

Full moon rising

Searching the lair the party finds a battered chest in one of the caves which contains 487gp a small Lapis and a silver necklace decorated with moonstones. In another cave they find a heavily chewed saddle with a silver horn and stirrups. After searching the caves the party covered the trail in front of and leading up the entrance of the area with old rags. Tirla and Smudge climbed up on the mountain side above the opening and Smudge positioned two large rocks that he could push off. Helstrom and Chalk took up positions at the entrance of the cave and waited.

Near dawn a pack of 8 wolves began climbing up the trail to the cave entrance. At about twenty feet from the entrance the large she-wolf in front stopped and spotted Smudge on the rocks above. Helstorm and Chalk showed themselves in the entrance and the wolf rushed towards them as Smudge fired an silver arrow and Tirla launched a sling stone, both hitting the wolf behind the large she-wolf. The sling stone seemed to bounce off with no effect. As Smudge fired more arrows killing one Wolf Tirla lit an oil flask and tossed it down in front of Helstrom. The she-wolf engaged Helstorm biting him once. Another wolf engaged chalk and brought him to the ground. The wolf that Smudge hit with a silver arrow ducked behind a rock and Tirla heard a strange muttering coming from behind the rock. The wolfs seemed to grow in their ferocity. Smudge pushed the two large rocks off the ledge, one smashing directly onto the she-wolfs back and the other shattering on the rocky trail next to her. Then from being the rock stepped a feral human male without cloths who pointed his hand at Smudge and muttered guttural sounds. Smudge became terrified and began shaking making it difficult to perform tasks. Smudge tossed two oil flasks behind the first one that Tirla through so now a large area of the trail was burning. The wolf fighting Chalk was injured by a slash from Helstorm’s silver short sword and the she-wolf stepped into its place and out of the fire. Helstorm moved to block for Chalk as he crawled back and stood up. Tirla dropped another flask of oil on the position of the she-wolf as Chalk and Helstorm continue to battle the huge beast. Tirla unleashed two blasts of lightening at the naked human before he retreated back behind the rock. As the battle raged at the front of the cave Helstorm and Chalk were both bitten and the she-wolf suffered several more gashes from Chalks silver battle ax. Then the naked human rushed out from behind the rock, looking less injured then before. Rushing along the side of the trail over rocks he moved behind the she-wolf and touched her back and some of her wounds healed. As he did Smudge feeling recovered from the terror sank an silver arrow into his side. Tirla lept from the ledge and slashed him with her silver dagger. Suddenly the man shifted into a wolf and lunged at Tirla missing her. Chalk suffered another bite the she-wolf lunged over his shield and tore his neck and shoulder open dropping him to the ground in a puddle of blood. Tirla grabbed the she-wolfs tail and swung her self onto its back sinking her dagger into its spine. The naked man turned wolf bit Tirla on the hip and tossed her to the ground. As she tried to roll away Smudge leapt from the ledge and brought his sword down missing the beast. Another wolf rushed up and attacked Helstorm, pulling him to the ground. As it leapt for him he gashed its underbelly with the silver battle ax picked up off the ground and it fell to the tunnel floor dead. Tirla rolled to her feet as Smudge struck the wolf beast with a mighty blow of his great sword which produced a small gash. As it turned turned to fight him Tirla rolled past it and sunk her dagger into its rib cage and it collapsed to the ground. The remaining wolves fled.

After resting in the cave that day the party set off to meet Loshad with the two werewolves heads. Reaching the gnarled oak tree my evening they rested and in the morning Loshad approached. Seeing the two heads he described how to find Xitaqa and stormed off after Smudge asked him for a ride. The party left for the homestead but night caught them before reaching it and they setup camp. As Tirla kept the first watch the full moon rose over the forest…

Jewelled Silver necklace necklace with moonstones
decorative silver horn and stirrups

Horseman of the Moor

Decided to begin the journey back to Sukiskyn with the remainder of the day instead of resting. By the end of the day they reached the river and waterfall and rested there.Traveled another day through the forest north along the river and then rested. The next day they traveled north along the river to the edge of the Lake of Lost Dreams and camped at the dock.

In the morning Helstorm and Smudge rowed to the island in the middle of the lake. Once in the forest off the island shore they spotted several moving lights. The four lights approached them and then another small humanoid shaped light moved through the forest to them, then turned and slowly moved away as they tried to speak with it. As the followed the light they met the pixies and in the form of a giant ugly Smudge crashing through the forest towards them. After the joke was over the pixie agreed to ask for information on Xitaqa and sell them any food they could spare. After waiting half an hour the pixie returned with no information about Xitaqa but had 10 days of dried mushrooms and fruit for them in exchange for 50 sp. Rowing back across the lake the group turned west following a large valley between the hills. By the end of the day the valley turned north and skirted the forest line.

After camping the night the party made their way along the forest line moving through the rolling hills and turning south west to descend out of the hills into the planes again. In the morning as they set off across the plains Tirla spotted something moving far off in the distance. After a couple of hours they were approached by Loshad, the “Horseman of the moors” according to Bushka the old women. Loshad was very concerned about the whereabouts of the parties horses and was distort and angry to learn that goblins had taken the horses. He said that he did know the location of Xitaqa and agreed to direct the party there if the killed the evil wolf men of the gorge, the enemies of all horses. Giving them directions on how to find the wolf lair he advised to attack the cave at night when most of the pack would be out hunting. Then he departed telling the party to meet him at the gnarled oak near the northern edge of the forest a days travel from Sukiskyn. The rest of the day was uneventful traveling along the forest line towards Sukiskyn. After camping again and eating half rations the party picked up the trail leading to Sukisyn and arrived their by late morning.

After being greeted by Pyotr asking about news of Stephen everyone was welcomed to Sukiskyn, even Chalk with some explaining and suspicious looks. The party kept the blacksmith busy through the night fixing Helstorm’s armor, and applying silver to a battle ax, short sword and dagger to help them against the wolf men. In total 1300 sp was used. Smudge searched the homestead store for supplies and collected a couple of grappling hooks, 100’ of rope and rations. He also noticed a single boot that matched the one he had found in the mines. Rejoicing he placed them both on his feet and felt a tingling sensation through out his body. However he could not jump higher, run faster or fly. Kuzma inspected the boots and informed him that they were magical and elven made but she knew nothing more. She also could not identify the potion they had found in the goblin fortress. Pyotr agreed to lend Smudge his Chain mail because no other armor was available. After a good nights rest other then the constant clanging of the blacksmiths hammer the group left in the morning on horses accompanied by Pyotr and Taras. After a days right north they camped at the gnarled oak and then made their way to the gorge the next day. At the entrance to the gorge Pyotr and Taras took the horses back to Sukiskyn and left the party to deal with the wolf men of the gorge.

The group traveled along the river up the gorge for a hour and a half at which point nightfall had engulf the gorge in darkness. Finding a place to wait out part of the night the group spent the next five hours before setting out to find the cave a little before midnight. After about forty-five minutes Chalk spotted the cave opening in the gorge wall about thirty feet up a rocky incline with a small path. Announcing their presence with light and magic the group rushed the entrance to be greeted by five wolfs. After Smudge was brought down by the wolf’s and bitten several times Helstorm managed to kill most of them with his enlarged halberd. With the five wolfs disposed the group entered the cave to find it lead to an open air canyon with five small caves build into the side wall. Looming above the canyon was a jackal headed statue carved out of the rock with gems for eyes. Helstorm reached up and removed the gems. The floor of the canyon was covered with scattered rocks and gnawed bones but otherwise empty…

2 large green tourmaline

Into the goblin fortress
They wont stay dead! Where are the horses? I don't see my armor anywhere?

Tirla climbed across the river and moved up to the easy side of the goblin fortress. Killed one goblin on the wall with a sling bullet. Then was spotted but took out another from the wall. Then trying a running leap for the wall she fell to the forest floor and started climbing up the wall. By the time she reached the top of the wall Helstorm had lead a charge across the bridge with Chalk and had killed two goblins at the entrance and was fighting two wolfs there. Smudge, after firing some arrows leaped from the bridge and started climbing up the wall. Once at the top he managed to drop a couple goblins below. As Tirla dropped down to the fortress floor five goblins rushed into the room, two turning to fight her, one stopping to hurl a spear and Smudge and the other two rushed to the front. Tirla rolled past one and slashed it’s back open. After trading a few misses with the other she managed to stab it, dropping it as well. Smudge jumped off the wall and rushed the two goblins, they both hit him with their small axes before he drove his longsword through both of them. Helstorm after getting pulled to the ground by a wolf managed to wrestle one onto his legs and left it over him into the river. Chalk managed to stay on his feet and strike several blows to both wolfs. Helstorm stuck the wolf coming up the bank and it tried to retreat across the bridge but he rushed forward killing it. It fell off the bridge into the dark waters below. Helstorm returned to help Chalk and was immediately pulled to the ground again by the wolfs toothy maw. As he tied to leverage it into the river Chalk drove his sword into its back killing it. Smudge then rushed over and helped finish off the last few goblins. One ran across the bridge but he ran it down and killed it as it broke into the forest.

After taking a few minutes to heal and organize the group entered the rest of the complex to find it abandoned. In one of the rooms was a small prison with a old women in it. Helstorm gave her some food and said he would come back for her. After searching the huge hallow tree and finding the large stone chair’s hidden compartment empty Helstorm and Chalk crossed the river through the log while Tirla and Smudge climbed over the top. In the middle of the hallow log there was a trap door which was open showing the river below. After crossing over the river they came to another large room with a table and several areas for bedding. Coming out of a hallow tree across the room were several large weasels about the size of a dog. After tossing them some food the weasels seemed to ignore the group. As helstorm and Chalk searched the room Smudge and Tirla covered the room with their missile weapons. As Tirla climbed around the tree to look into the adjacent chamber the door suddenly bust open and three strange clawed human sized goblinoid creatures rushed into the room attacking Chalk and Helstorm. Chalk stabbed one several times and Tirla leapt down to help. Smudge fired arrows down from the wall as Helstorm fought the other one. As Tirla fell one with the mace Chalk and Helstorm both fell victim to the creatures paralyzing claws. Tirla and Smudge managed to fall another one only to see the first was raise again. Tirla then released a blast of electricity dropping and and then turned and did the same to the other one. By this time the 3rd was back on its feet but Smudge sent it sprawling to the ground with another arrow. Then both Tirla and Smudge rushed forward and decapitated all three of the bodies finishing them once and for all. Searching the room that they game from revealed a secret compartment in a tree, opening Helstorm brought a huge branch crashing down damaging everyone. In the compartment was 217 gp and a potion of some kind.

Satisfied with searching the area the part returned to free the old women who immediately left the goblin fortress. Outside she explain that she was captured with a younger girl and brought here. Five other prisoners were also brought here but they were taken away a few days ago to “ZitAHka”. The fortress was run by a large goblin with a crystal sword named Vlack and they kept asking the prisoners about a “great map”. After talking with the women the party made their way back to their camping site in a hollow tree from the previous night.

217gp, potion

Between Goblins and a hard spot
Throw the halfling

After the battle Helstorm questioned the giant wolfs and allowed them to leave. They confirmed their was a captive but gave no further details. They didn’t know much about the rest of the goblin fortress. After releasing the wolfs the horses were brought inside, the bodies piled up like a wall at the edge of the bridge. Tirla climbed up on the walls and peered over into the next series of rooms where she could see goblins moving around and a huge hollowed out tree that seemed to be hosting the Goblin leader. After being spotted she climbed over the wall and moved around the parameter of the fortress. She came to a huge stone tree crossing the river to another walled area. Climbing onto the tree she crossed the river and climbed up the walls. Inside she could see one large room furnished with a large table, chairs and a large sleeping area. Climbing along the walls she spotted another smaller area which was furnished with a decent quality bed and table and had three large goblinoid looking creatures watching the door intently. After seeing that there was no other walled in areas she returned to the main entrance.

Smudge removed his climbed up the large tree inside the room which housed the giant wolfs while Helstorm tried to rest. After climbing high enough to get a view on the main chamber Smudge tied himself to the tree and began firing arrows occasionally. He managed to hit a couple of goblins and lots of spears where thrown in his direction, with one finding a mark in his leg. After almost two hours of this Smudge heard the sound of goblins coming from across the bridge, he spotted a goblin patrol similar to the one fought previously returning to the fortress. They stopped at the bridge seeing the wall of goblin and wolf bodies and called out in Goblin. The Goblin’s inside the fort answered and told them there were humans in the entrance room. Then the Goblin patrol rushed across the bridge and began climbing over the wall of bodies. Tirla grabbed a rope and Helstorm tossed her to the top of the wall and down the other side tying the rope to a tree. Helstorm began tossing his armor and Halberd over the wall. Chalk began climbing the rope and Smudge started climbing down the tree. As Chalk and Helstorm climbed the rope goblins began entering the room throwing spears. Helstorm was struck twice as he held the rope so Chalk would not fall off the other side. Smudge leaped from the tree branch to the wall but failed to catch his balance and swung over it and slammed into the far side. Helstorm and Smudge quickly dropped down from the wall, while Tirla gathered up Helstorms armor and they rushed into the dark woods leaving Smudges armor and the horses in the goblin fort.

After traveling slowly through the forest for several hours they arrived at the black river. Following it for another hour they found a fallen tree across the river which they used to cross. There Tirla climbed a tree and spotted a trail back toward the way they came but on this side of the river. They found a large hollow tree to rest in and rested for several days uneventfully other then some giant bats flying past them during one of the nights. Finally fully rested and healed they made their way to the trail and followed it till they spotted another trail and the goblin fortress again. They Moved forward on the trail to about 70 feet from bridge and stopped. Smudge is about to climb tree and Tirla is going to investigate closer

47gp 114sp from 10 goblin bodies

Goblin Fortress

Searched 5 goblin bodies for 17gp 83sp, continued on road to forest lair. Tirla scouted from the trees, then group moved back and setup trap then moved farther and camped. Heard trap go off. Next morning checked trap and found dead goblin. Went to front of lair and entered where huge battle ensued with 10 goblins and 8 wolfs. Helstorm used all spells, everyone hurt seriously. Two wolfs backed off and surrendered.

17gp 83sp from 5 goblin bodies on trail

Horse problems

While resting a day and a half in the mines the dwarfs built a tomb for their fallen comrade. After a short ceremony in which Helstorm said a couple of works the dwarf was buried. The mood in the mine was solemn enough that there was little complaining about the orc and half-orc in their midst’s. All the treasure found in the orc lair was divided among the dwarfs, gnomes and party with each receiving 4pp, 34gp, and 444sp. The party exchanged their silver and gold with the dwarfs for platinum. As they bid farewell to the miners Tekaryon handed the party a bag filled with gold coins as a token of thanks for all of their help. Well rested and supplied with an extra 20 days of rations from the dwarfs the party sets out with detailed directions to find the forest of stone provided by the Gnomes.

Traveling along the same path they had come on the party reached the lake of lost dreams in two days and continued past it. Along the way they spotted a large black stallion and three other horses grazing on a hill off the trail. It gave a whinny and the horses responded, especially the one carrying the awkward mirror frame. The horses retreated when approached and stayed out of distance of the parties efforts to catch them. That evening while resting at the lake Tirla noticed one of the horses was loose. It seemed like it had been untied and it retreated into the darkness. The next morning two sets of horse tracks lead away from where the horses were tied but no sign of the missing horse could be found. The next day after loading up one of the other horses with the mirror frame the black stallion was again spotted off in the distance behind them. After much discussion it was decided to bend the mirror frame into a more manageable size and shape and pack it on the horse more carefully. The next evening as the party rested Tirla heard the sound of a horse from the north. Waking the group up they spotted their missing horse come walking into to camp. Helstorm asked if anyone was out there and a deep voice responded. A large centaur could be seen at the edge of the fire light. He said his name was Loshad and to take care of the horses.

The next day with the lake behind them they followed a small river into a dense forest to the south. Making slow progress for two days along the river the party finally spotted their landmark, a waterfall split by a tree. Turning to the west they rested a night before setting off deeper into the forest, soon the forest ahead turned into a shade of grey and a eerie quite fell over the trees. Everything ahead was stone as if it had suddenly been changed, trees, leaves and animals, all as if they were alive.

Tirla climbed a tree just outside the stone forest and could see that it stretched for miles and miles to the west. Continuing west into the stone forest the party was suddenly attacked by six giant bats as Helstorm was investigating a stone boar. Tirla was bitten twice before she stabbed one and then ran up a tree and tackled another to the ground on her sword. Smudge sliced once in half, and killed another as Chalk cut another two down. Checking the bats for any unusual markings revealed nothing and the party continued west. They soon found a path through the stone trees which lead north west. Following the path Smudge soon heard the sound of goblins ahead. As the approached Helstorm enlarged Smudge and Tirla hit the first of them with a sling stone. Three goblins riding huge wolfs rushed forward while seven more goblins followed behind. Smudge was bitten viciously but responding with a mighty slash across the wolfs chest. Tirla stabbed the wolf in the side as Chalk battled wolf and goblin on the left side of the trail Helstorm tripped one wolf but failed to hit it till it tried to recover then he struck it with his halberd. Chalk stabbed the third wolf twice before Smudge cleaved through both wolfs with a huge swing of his great sword. The goblins rushed forward over the wolfs bodies but Smudge and Chalk killed one each. Tirla had already stabbed one of the riders off the wolfs and Helstorm killed another goblin? With six goblins remaining they ran off in all directions. Smudge managed to run one down before the rest escaped into the forest…


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