Between Goblins and a hard spot

Throw the halfling

After the battle Helstorm questioned the giant wolfs and allowed them to leave. They confirmed their was a captive but gave no further details. They didn’t know much about the rest of the goblin fortress. After releasing the wolfs the horses were brought inside, the bodies piled up like a wall at the edge of the bridge. Tirla climbed up on the walls and peered over into the next series of rooms where she could see goblins moving around and a huge hollowed out tree that seemed to be hosting the Goblin leader. After being spotted she climbed over the wall and moved around the parameter of the fortress. She came to a huge stone tree crossing the river to another walled area. Climbing onto the tree she crossed the river and climbed up the walls. Inside she could see one large room furnished with a large table, chairs and a large sleeping area. Climbing along the walls she spotted another smaller area which was furnished with a decent quality bed and table and had three large goblinoid looking creatures watching the door intently. After seeing that there was no other walled in areas she returned to the main entrance.

Smudge removed his climbed up the large tree inside the room which housed the giant wolfs while Helstorm tried to rest. After climbing high enough to get a view on the main chamber Smudge tied himself to the tree and began firing arrows occasionally. He managed to hit a couple of goblins and lots of spears where thrown in his direction, with one finding a mark in his leg. After almost two hours of this Smudge heard the sound of goblins coming from across the bridge, he spotted a goblin patrol similar to the one fought previously returning to the fortress. They stopped at the bridge seeing the wall of goblin and wolf bodies and called out in Goblin. The Goblin’s inside the fort answered and told them there were humans in the entrance room. Then the Goblin patrol rushed across the bridge and began climbing over the wall of bodies. Tirla grabbed a rope and Helstorm tossed her to the top of the wall and down the other side tying the rope to a tree. Helstorm began tossing his armor and Halberd over the wall. Chalk began climbing the rope and Smudge started climbing down the tree. As Chalk and Helstorm climbed the rope goblins began entering the room throwing spears. Helstorm was struck twice as he held the rope so Chalk would not fall off the other side. Smudge leaped from the tree branch to the wall but failed to catch his balance and swung over it and slammed into the far side. Helstorm and Smudge quickly dropped down from the wall, while Tirla gathered up Helstorms armor and they rushed into the dark woods leaving Smudges armor and the horses in the goblin fort.

After traveling slowly through the forest for several hours they arrived at the black river. Following it for another hour they found a fallen tree across the river which they used to cross. There Tirla climbed a tree and spotted a trail back toward the way they came but on this side of the river. They found a large hollow tree to rest in and rested for several days uneventfully other then some giant bats flying past them during one of the nights. Finally fully rested and healed they made their way to the trail and followed it till they spotted another trail and the goblin fortress again. They Moved forward on the trail to about 70 feet from bridge and stopped. Smudge is about to climb tree and Tirla is going to investigate closer

47gp 114sp from 10 goblin bodies



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