Horseman of the Moor

Decided to begin the journey back to Sukiskyn with the remainder of the day instead of resting. By the end of the day they reached the river and waterfall and rested there.Traveled another day through the forest north along the river and then rested. The next day they traveled north along the river to the edge of the Lake of Lost Dreams and camped at the dock.

In the morning Helstorm and Smudge rowed to the island in the middle of the lake. Once in the forest off the island shore they spotted several moving lights. The four lights approached them and then another small humanoid shaped light moved through the forest to them, then turned and slowly moved away as they tried to speak with it. As the followed the light they met the pixies and in the form of a giant ugly Smudge crashing through the forest towards them. After the joke was over the pixie agreed to ask for information on Xitaqa and sell them any food they could spare. After waiting half an hour the pixie returned with no information about Xitaqa but had 10 days of dried mushrooms and fruit for them in exchange for 50 sp. Rowing back across the lake the group turned west following a large valley between the hills. By the end of the day the valley turned north and skirted the forest line.

After camping the night the party made their way along the forest line moving through the rolling hills and turning south west to descend out of the hills into the planes again. In the morning as they set off across the plains Tirla spotted something moving far off in the distance. After a couple of hours they were approached by Loshad, the “Horseman of the moors” according to Bushka the old women. Loshad was very concerned about the whereabouts of the parties horses and was distort and angry to learn that goblins had taken the horses. He said that he did know the location of Xitaqa and agreed to direct the party there if the killed the evil wolf men of the gorge, the enemies of all horses. Giving them directions on how to find the wolf lair he advised to attack the cave at night when most of the pack would be out hunting. Then he departed telling the party to meet him at the gnarled oak near the northern edge of the forest a days travel from Sukiskyn. The rest of the day was uneventful traveling along the forest line towards Sukiskyn. After camping again and eating half rations the party picked up the trail leading to Sukisyn and arrived their by late morning.

After being greeted by Pyotr asking about news of Stephen everyone was welcomed to Sukiskyn, even Chalk with some explaining and suspicious looks. The party kept the blacksmith busy through the night fixing Helstorm’s armor, and applying silver to a battle ax, short sword and dagger to help them against the wolf men. In total 1300 sp was used. Smudge searched the homestead store for supplies and collected a couple of grappling hooks, 100’ of rope and rations. He also noticed a single boot that matched the one he had found in the mines. Rejoicing he placed them both on his feet and felt a tingling sensation through out his body. However he could not jump higher, run faster or fly. Kuzma inspected the boots and informed him that they were magical and elven made but she knew nothing more. She also could not identify the potion they had found in the goblin fortress. Pyotr agreed to lend Smudge his Chain mail because no other armor was available. After a good nights rest other then the constant clanging of the blacksmiths hammer the group left in the morning on horses accompanied by Pyotr and Taras. After a days right north they camped at the gnarled oak and then made their way to the gorge the next day. At the entrance to the gorge Pyotr and Taras took the horses back to Sukiskyn and left the party to deal with the wolf men of the gorge.

The group traveled along the river up the gorge for a hour and a half at which point nightfall had engulf the gorge in darkness. Finding a place to wait out part of the night the group spent the next five hours before setting out to find the cave a little before midnight. After about forty-five minutes Chalk spotted the cave opening in the gorge wall about thirty feet up a rocky incline with a small path. Announcing their presence with light and magic the group rushed the entrance to be greeted by five wolfs. After Smudge was brought down by the wolf’s and bitten several times Helstorm managed to kill most of them with his enlarged halberd. With the five wolfs disposed the group entered the cave to find it lead to an open air canyon with five small caves build into the side wall. Looming above the canyon was a jackal headed statue carved out of the rock with gems for eyes. Helstorm reached up and removed the gems. The floor of the canyon was covered with scattered rocks and gnawed bones but otherwise empty…

2 large green tourmaline



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