Into the goblin fortress

They wont stay dead! Where are the horses? I don't see my armor anywhere?

Tirla climbed across the river and moved up to the easy side of the goblin fortress. Killed one goblin on the wall with a sling bullet. Then was spotted but took out another from the wall. Then trying a running leap for the wall she fell to the forest floor and started climbing up the wall. By the time she reached the top of the wall Helstorm had lead a charge across the bridge with Chalk and had killed two goblins at the entrance and was fighting two wolfs there. Smudge, after firing some arrows leaped from the bridge and started climbing up the wall. Once at the top he managed to drop a couple goblins below. As Tirla dropped down to the fortress floor five goblins rushed into the room, two turning to fight her, one stopping to hurl a spear and Smudge and the other two rushed to the front. Tirla rolled past one and slashed it’s back open. After trading a few misses with the other she managed to stab it, dropping it as well. Smudge jumped off the wall and rushed the two goblins, they both hit him with their small axes before he drove his longsword through both of them. Helstorm after getting pulled to the ground by a wolf managed to wrestle one onto his legs and left it over him into the river. Chalk managed to stay on his feet and strike several blows to both wolfs. Helstorm stuck the wolf coming up the bank and it tried to retreat across the bridge but he rushed forward killing it. It fell off the bridge into the dark waters below. Helstorm returned to help Chalk and was immediately pulled to the ground again by the wolfs toothy maw. As he tied to leverage it into the river Chalk drove his sword into its back killing it. Smudge then rushed over and helped finish off the last few goblins. One ran across the bridge but he ran it down and killed it as it broke into the forest.

After taking a few minutes to heal and organize the group entered the rest of the complex to find it abandoned. In one of the rooms was a small prison with a old women in it. Helstorm gave her some food and said he would come back for her. After searching the huge hallow tree and finding the large stone chair’s hidden compartment empty Helstorm and Chalk crossed the river through the log while Tirla and Smudge climbed over the top. In the middle of the hallow log there was a trap door which was open showing the river below. After crossing over the river they came to another large room with a table and several areas for bedding. Coming out of a hallow tree across the room were several large weasels about the size of a dog. After tossing them some food the weasels seemed to ignore the group. As helstorm and Chalk searched the room Smudge and Tirla covered the room with their missile weapons. As Tirla climbed around the tree to look into the adjacent chamber the door suddenly bust open and three strange clawed human sized goblinoid creatures rushed into the room attacking Chalk and Helstorm. Chalk stabbed one several times and Tirla leapt down to help. Smudge fired arrows down from the wall as Helstorm fought the other one. As Tirla fell one with the mace Chalk and Helstorm both fell victim to the creatures paralyzing claws. Tirla and Smudge managed to fall another one only to see the first was raise again. Tirla then released a blast of electricity dropping and and then turned and did the same to the other one. By this time the 3rd was back on its feet but Smudge sent it sprawling to the ground with another arrow. Then both Tirla and Smudge rushed forward and decapitated all three of the bodies finishing them once and for all. Searching the room that they game from revealed a secret compartment in a tree, opening Helstorm brought a huge branch crashing down damaging everyone. In the compartment was 217 gp and a potion of some kind.

Satisfied with searching the area the part returned to free the old women who immediately left the goblin fortress. Outside she explain that she was captured with a younger girl and brought here. Five other prisoners were also brought here but they were taken away a few days ago to “ZitAHka”. The fortress was run by a large goblin with a crystal sword named Vlack and they kept asking the prisoners about a “great map”. After talking with the women the party made their way back to their camping site in a hollow tree from the previous night.

217gp, potion



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